Thursday, March 22, 2018


It snowed yesterday.  And not just a little bit.  The snow from Tuesday continued the entire day on Wednesday.  Prayer and Bible Study was cancelled last night.  Most of the time it was very heavy and kept piling up.

I looked out of the window while I was making breakfast and saw all of the birds at the feeder.  I'm so glad to have a camera again so I could capture the moment.

This little guy liked standing on the edge of the earthbox. I guess he didn't want cold feet standing in the snow.

Here he is again.

Waiting for breakfast.  See all the leaf buds on the trees?

Look at this little bird.  At first I thought it was a female cardinal.  Then I wasn't sure.  Now seeing it up close I think it is again.  What do you think?

Still not really sure.

This was the yard late morning taken through the kitchen window.

And the holly tree in the neighbor's yard.

By afternoon there was even more snow.

And still the snow comes down.



  1. Your blog said it all;still the snow came! Great photos & I think it's a female cardinal too.It was beautiful,though...Now comes the melt....and slush.Ugh! The roughest thing for me is trying to cross the street at the corners. Very few people shovel the corners where the city plows push it.Businesses included! It's like the corner doesn't belong to them.I end up climbing (& sliding!)on mountains.Oh well..
    Stay comfy!

  2. Yes, so much snow!! The sun is shining through the clouds this morning so hopefully it will begin to melt.
    I think it's a cardinal too. I saw one yesterday but wasn't fast enough to get a picture. I hear them more than I hear the robins....they are around but must be holding in their song for more spring like weather :)

  3. That looks like a purple finch or house finch! Sure looks COLD! Have a good day...stay inside! Hugs!

  4. Unbelievable all the snow you had! Up here in my corner, we dodged another one and I am quite pleased. I am pretty sure that Diane correctly identifed your pretty little bird!

  5. Hi, your little bird is a purple finch. We have them here sometimes. They are pretty little birds. Enjoy your snow and please don't any of it our way. It started snowing here late last night and into today. It is light though, and we're hoping it will end later today. Enough is enough. hahaha. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. Looks like a purple finch to me too. So glad you have feed out for the birds....we do too. That snow is unreal, sure hope it melts as fast as it came. Stay in, stay warm and just know one of these days, we will start complaining about the

  7. That snow is crazy!! We don't have TV down here in the country but I saw a bit of weather news on my iPad the other day. It said Washington DC received more snow in one day than the total of the entire winter season so far. That's a lot of snow y'all are having up there!

    I say Purple Finch too!

  8. My oh my, you have a lot of birds in your backyard! For some reason, we do not see a lot of birds but we do have a lot of cats. YIKES! I would guess that your little birdie is a finch. I never heard of a purple finch but your birders friends here would know.

  9. I think that bird was a cardinal! It snowed here in the UK quite a lot too. However,it has stopped a bit now.

  10. Brrrrr!! I don't know birds so have no idea, but I didn't think female cardinals have red... but again, I don't know birds! Stay warm!

  11. yes, Kathy, this time you got the snow that missed us here in Nashua, NH. And I agree that the bird in a finch as we used to get a lot at the feeders when we lived in VA. Hope the weather is improving.


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