Saturday, January 21, 2017


Did you see it?  How could you not?  It was on television the entire day.

 The transfer of power between President Obama and our new President Trump.  Who would have ever thought Donald Trump could or would become President?  I, for one, never thought it could happen.  But here we are.

 This is not a political blog, nor will I discuss politics.  I just believe so strongly in this country and the democratic process.  I have always been proud to be an American even when things have not always gone well for us.  I'm sometimes ashamed of the way some particular people act, but never of us as a whole.

I watched as much of it as I could.  And I took some photos off of the TV.  I did this because I know this is a historic day. 

 I really liked seeing the former presidents.  Especially Jimmy Carter.  He looks good for 92 years old.  I haven't seen him in a long time and I was glad he and Rosalind were looking so well. And with all his health problems too.

 Ah, where do the years fly?  They seem to vanish before my eyes.

I didn't get to see it all because I had to run to the hospital to get my mammogram.  I got there in plenty of time.  And after filling out the yearly paperwork (don't they keep them on file?) I was taken right back.  And I was in and out in no time.  They have a new 3-D digital machine which they have had for only three weeks.  It was fast!

But as I was waiting to go in, an alarm began to ring and a light to flash.  Then an announcement came over for the second floor nurses station to evacuate.  (We were on the first floor.)  I think the words the announcer used was "must leave immediately."  There was another lady with me who said she was scared.  I said, "Don't worry.  If it's something bad, they will come and get us."  She was really upset and thought they would forget we were there.  But all of a sudden the alarm stopped sounding and the light stopped flashing.  Just then the tech came to get me.  I asked her what had happened and she said it was a fire, but just a small one and to not be alarmed.  O...K...!

Tonight Joe and I had a date night.  We had gotten a gift card for Chick-fil-A for Christmas from some friends so decided to make use of it.  It was so nice to just sit there and eat and talk and then I could walk away without doing the dishes!  😉

Today my brother Larry, sister-in-law Kim, Joe and I are going to Ronks in Lancaster County to celebrate Larry's and my birthday.  We were going to do it earlier but the weather kept us away two weeks ago and last week Larry and Kim moved into their new home.  So exciting!  So Joe and I are going to meet them there and get a tour of the house and then go to lunch.  It's going to be fun.

And now I am going to have to run or I won't make it out there in time.  Hope you all have a good day.

Sunrise:  7:17 a.m.
Sunset:  5:07 p.m.
9 hours and 50 minutes of daylight
Temperatures:  53*/45* 


  1. So we have a new president... Only time will tell what kind of man he is. I'm praying for the nation. We need to get back with God. What excitement at the hospital! Glad it wasn't too bad. Hope your birthday lunch turned out okay.

    1. You are right, time will tell. A new start is always exciting. Not going to lunch for several hours. I'll let you know how it goes. We're heading for Katie's Kitchen.

  2. I am hoping our country can heal and move forward now. I was glad to see God mentioned from the platform not once but many times. Maybe we will get a bit of God back into the's time. My SIL knows Pence and has ridden with him in a rally in Indiana. He said he is a prince of a man and their state is very well run.

    That is kind of scary (especially in these times) to hear an alarm go off in a public setting like a hospital. Glad your mammo was quick. We have new equipment, too, and it is a lot 'easier' than the old 'smash em' machine. lol xo Diana

  3. Kathy, I hope our hospital gets one of those new mammogram machine...I used to say of those old go in a 36 C and come out a 36 long. LOL. ouch !! So glad the hospital was okay. Blessings for a fun birthday lunch with your family. xoxo, Susie

  4. I appreciate your words and thoughts about OUR nation. We are all people who want what is good for us. Some see it differently then me. I except that. We are one nation under God.

    Enjoy time with your family and Happy Belated Birthday.

  5. Thanks for sharing your ideas about USA! A great land. I watched as Trump spoke after swearing in, which I missed. Watched the leavings of vice president and Obamas. I'm praying for our country and world. Although we know people who don't agree with out views we are still kind to them. Glad the alarm wasn't anything major at hospital.
    I did think about going to a hotel becuz of no heat but not economical for 3 of us for so long. The part is in state but won't get it til Monday. Weather and downed powerlines in the gorge area closed down I-84 til Friday early a.m. I figured such would happen in the snowstorm we had. Oil filled radiator heaters,2, are helping keep us warm. Hope you enjoy your family gathering. I'm planning one for my birthday in Feb. God bless.

  6. A date night and then a birthday celebration! Awesome! I didn't get to see any of the inauguration because I was at work, but I did sneak a peak on-line a couple of times. Praise God!! Our women's center has had the 3-D mammography for a couple of years and it is great.


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