Sunday, February 22, 2015


It's been quite the weekend.  I worked on Saturday.  It was an awful day because I found out that someone I trusted had gone behind my back and told lies about me.  I got it straightened out, but I'm so discouraged because I never expected this person to do it.  And I have to work with them tomorrow.  *sigh*

I am doing my best to not stress.  Sometimes I just have to walk out of the room at work and go to the restroom to "decompress".  I just can't let the job get to me.  I have just about decided to leave next year as soon as I can get Social Security.  I was going to try to stay the entire 3 1/2 years I have left, but I just don't think I can.  We'll see.

We got out of work early on Saturday (3:00 p.m.) because of the horrendous snow storm we were having.  It was really slippery driving home.  I was praying so hard to not have an accident.  I was going about 10-15 mph and so was everyone else.  Not one person tried to pass me.

The snow was coming down so hard.  Here's a picture of my car just 5 minutes after I parked it in front of the house.  That's Joe shoveling.  He was so sweet to do it so I didn't have to.  Especially when he wasn't feeling well.  It's a good thing we have a tiny sidewalk and only two front steps.

Here's a short video of the snow falling in my back yard.  It really shows up against the holly tree.

We got about 5 inches of snow, but it drifted because the wind was so strong.  Look at my car's tires buried in the snow last night.

By 1:00 a.m. the snow had stopped and the rain had started.  The temperatures were rising and the rain washed a lot of the snow away.  I fell asleep somewhere around 1:30.  When I woke up at 6:15 this morning, all the clocks were blinking.  I knew the power must have gone out while Joe and I were asleep.  Apparently it was off for about 4 hours and we didn't know anything about it.  That was good for us!

I went to church by myself this morning.  It was my week to bring the food for Fellowship Time so I made orange and cranberry bread.  It turned out so good.

When I walked in only Pastor Justin was there.  After me Anne came in and then Bud and Karen.  Finally Pastor's wife and daughter came over.  That was it.  We sat around the table in the Fellowship Area, sang hymns, read scripture, prayed, and then instead of a message Pastor had a question and answer time.  We have been going through Genesis for close to two years now and we could ask any question about anything we'd studied up to this point.  It was really good!  We went 45 minutes over our usual time and no one wanted to leave.  It was an unusual church service, but so enlightening and enjoyable. 

I wish I had taken a picture of Miss A after church.  Her mom was running the sweeper to get up some of the rock salt that had been tracked in on our shoes.  Miss A had a hold of the handle and was "sweeping" too.  She was so intent on it.  So cute.

I forgot to show you these pictures of her.  Here she is last Valentine's Day:

And here she is this year.  Such a cutie tearing apart her mom's Valentine's roses.  What a difference a year makes!

I did some more work on the book I am editing.  I'm about halfway through now.  I just want to get it done and on its way.  I'll be glad when I'm finished.  It's an interesting story, but the author is anxious to get it and I'm anxious to give it to him.  I'm hoping this is something that can turn into a part-time from home paying job and will help with things when I retire.

I must get to bed, so that's it for now.  I'm going to end with a clip I took off of the TV of last year's Lion Parade in Chinatown for Chinese New Year.  I thought it was cool.

Goodnight everyone!
Sunday's weather:
High:  45 degrees
Low:  33 degrees
A lovely warm day!
Sunrise:  6:44 a.m.
Sunset:  5:44 p.m.
11 hours of sunlight!  Hurray!


  1. How awful that some people are so cruel! Walking away was the smart thing to do.Take each day as it comes,one at a time.I'm in your corner,Kathy.
    How about that snow? Loved getting out early! It was so bad waiting for the bus with the wind blowing....then it all iced up! Hugs to Joe for shoveling.
    Treat yourself gently,keep warm & know that you are Loved!

  2. Mean people just dont realize what an impact they make on us. Walking away is the only solution at the moment but glad it has bee resolved. That little Miss A is certainly adorable. She makes me smile just looking at her picture. Hope this new week will be a good one for you. Blessings.

  3. That is the same reason I took early retirement, Kathy. I had someone that just made my life miserable and it just wasn't worth staying and being stressed all the time.
    Your little Miss A is just a darling little girl. Look how big she is getting.

    Email me about your editing. I know someone that might want a book edited. Do you check for punctuation and all that? Let me know about charges, too, and I will pass that along to her. She has a book ready to go except for the editing. xo Diana

  4. I always try to remember it is better to be the one mistreated - because God is our great defender - than the one doing evil. Telling lies is evil and something God hates.
    I love d
    Seeing those sweet baby pictures

  5. My iPad froze up and I sent before I was finished! Texas is closed today due to ICE! Glad we came home last night!

    1. I'm glad you did too! Stay safe and warm today.

  6. Ah coworkers........I worked with a few winners in my time. I don't know why, and I am sure it is my iPad, some of your photos are blank and the video is missing. Annoying! Oh well, stay warm.

    1. That's strange about the pictures. Oh, well. Who can understand the eccentricities of an iPad.

  7. oh the joy of coworkers that make our lives miserable. Been there done me...and then my boss found out it wasn't me, that did the wrong.....It pays to be strong and be faithful to how you live your life. I did leave that job as well, for various reasons. I will be praying for you and hopefully things will settle down. Sad to hear you were emotionally hurt. Miss A is Adorable!!! She is growing up so fast! Have a good week and be careful out there in the weather!!! Hugs!

  8. I saw your comment on anther blog and thought I'd pop on over to say, hi. I'm glad I visited because you have a wonderful blog here. This winter has been rough on a lot of people. In Pennsylvania, we actually woke up to -11 degrees this morning. Thank God for heat! Miss A is such a little cutie. They are so sweet at that age.

    I left a job because of a co-worker once, too. She made life difficult for everyone in our department, but the boss liked her though, so she stayed. I do hope things get better at work. By the way, I enjoyed the videos, too. Blessings... :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. I hope you will visit again. I will be popping over to your blog a little later. Fortunately things went well yesterday at work. I guess I worry about things too much. I'm in Pennsylvania too (Philly) and I love to chat with other Pennsylvanians.


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