Monday, April 14, 2014


Gardening Advice from the Old Farmer's Almanac
 Today is Palm Sunday.
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Lupine, morning glory, and sweet pea seeds benefit from having their coats scratched (scarified) before sowing.

What a beautiful day it was today.  I am so loving this warm weather we have been having.  Another day where I didn't need even a jacket or sweater.  So nice and sunny!

Joe wasn't feeling well so I went to church by myself.  We had a great sermon on trusting God.  This is something Joe and I have been discussing lately and I wish he had been there to hear it.  At least we can watch it later in the week when it is posted on our website.  And, of course, another chance to see little Miss A, our resident cutie.  She is now officially 3 months old.

I got a chance to go out in the yard today and get photos of the flowers for you.  The hyacinths are up.  The pink ones are blooming.

The daffodils are blooming too.  Well, at least some of them.

I really have to get out there and weed.  The tulips are up and will probably bloom any day now.  The forsythia is finally yellow.  I love forsythia and wanted one for so long.  Two (or three?) years ago Joe bought me one for Easter.

I can't wait to show you more as the garden comes back to life after that never-ending winter we had.

The day ended with a gorgeous sunset.

 Good night everyone!

Sunday's weather:
High:  83 degrees!!!
Low:  51 degrees
Sunrise:  6:25 a.m.
Sunset:  7:37 p.m.
13 hours and 12 minutes of daylight



  1. All those bright promises fulfilled a hundred-fold---the blossoms, that precious, anything's-possible little face, the glorious sunset. What a day, what a day.

    Thank you for dropping in at Lawn Tea---it's always a delight to see your name pop up.


  2. Kathy, great photos. The baby is so cute. Sorry to hear that Joe isn't feeling well. Glad you got out to enjoy your pretty flowers. xoxo,Susie

  3. Our weather was beautiful up until today and I saw snow flakes falling earlier. I thought I might cry.
    Your garden is gorgeous. I don't have a green thumb and kill pretty much everything I plant :(
    Hope Joe is feeling better!


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