Sunday, April 27, 2014


I love all Spring flowers.  Joe's favorites are daffodils.  So I was happy to plant a huge amount of daffodils for him.  Everyone is so different.  Before I began planting them I had no idea there were so many colors and kinds.

My sister Elaine gave us some more daffodils for Easter.  We planted them outside on Friday.  So pretty.

I had to cut the grass on Friday.  It finally got long enough that it needed it.  Before I cut it I took a picture of the wild violets and grape hyacinths that are all over the yard.

The tulips are up and about to bloom, but only one has so far.

I planted the pansies and violas in my long box.  They look much better now since they have had a chance to get watered and dig their roots in.

The ranunculus is planted close to the house where I can see it from the kitchen windows and back door.  I want to get some more to fill up this bed.

The parsley and chives are in the earth box.  I moved the china mushrooms there too and a few of the extra violas.  This is where I am going to put my fairy garden.  I haven't yet, but sometime this week for sure.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my garden.  Now off to make dinner.  We are having one of Joe's favorites:  salad, lamb chops, green beans, baked potato and a slice of coffee cake made by one of the ladies at church.  I didn't get there in time for fellowship hour, but made sure I had Dorothea's cake to take home.  Yummy!  She is such a good cook.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Sunday's weather:
High:  62 degrees
Low:  46 degrees
(During this past winter I thought I would never see temperatures this high again!)
Sunrise:  6:05 a.m.
Sunset:  7:51 p.m.
13 hours and 46 minutes of daylight  


  1. Kathy, At least that cat won't poop in your garden.LOL. I love all your flowers. Hope you had a fun weekend. Blessings for a good week ahead. xo,Susie

  2. Kathy- Your garden is beautiful. One of the things I love about Spring is that pop of yellow daffodils nodding their heads in the breeze. They just make me feel like the Earth is smiling. Everything is looking good there. Nothing is blooming here yet.

    I LOVE those little sweet violets. I actually planted them along the fence line of one of our homes. They remind me of growing up on the farm and going to the hillside across from the house and picking them and bringing them home to mother and putting them in an old jelly glass. xo daina

  3. Daffodils are lovely. I am gonna order a couple different kinds for this next year. I enjoyed my tulips alot! Have a good week, my friend!

  4. I love your garden tour!!! That was my journal post today as well. Great minds, huh? I imagine it was hard to mow down all those gorgeous wild flowers!! Your dinner sounds delicious! Lamb chops! I don't think Louis Dean nor I have ever had them!!

  5. I love tulips! I wish I had a green thumb but I pretty much kill everything I touch!

  6. The spring flowers are always such a welcome sight. Your garden is looking lovely.

  7. Loved the tour! I almost felt like a fairy peeking at all the colors of your garden rainbow.So cool! Anybody looking for lots of color with minimum work....get coleus! They come in so mamy patterns and colors! The ones we had last year were 2 feet high & still having shoots in November!
    Russ changed our front windows on the weekend. We now have......butterflies!!
    Have a happy week!

  8. Sadly, our daffodils are nearly all bloomed out now, Kathy, so it was nice to see yours. I posted photos of ours taken about a week or so ago and thanks for your comment on my post too. We also have a lot of volunteer violets and thankfully not all are on the lawn areas where I mow. Some are also in the front flower beds, which is a perfect spot because they arrived without any work from myself. Your Sunday night dinner sounded delicious, and that homemade coffee cake for dessert was a nice finish as well.


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