Friday, April 25, 2014


It has been such beautiful spring weather here lately.  This week has been just gorgeous. 

 I am still trying to get my house under control because of getting the new kitchen.  It is scheduled to be done either the first or second week of June.  I just know they are going to call and say they will be here the next day and I want everything all straightened up by then.

Nothing much has been going on here except for sleeping and working.  I am so very tired tonight.  But today I had so much energy that after work I went to the store and bought food for dinner and then planted some things and cut the grass in the yard.  It felt so good to have that much energy.

For dinner tonight we had a small salad, roast pork loin, mashed potatoes with pork gravy and asparagus.  I was going to have strawberries for dessert, but we were both too full!  It was a good dinner.

For your Friday view I want to show you the trees in front of the library where I work.  They are so pretty.

We had a big wind storm a few days ago and now most of the blooms are gone and they are a beautiful light green.

Here is a video of them blowing in the wind.  It is so peaceful and relaxing to watch.

We are supposed to have a storm tonight which is one reason I wanted to get all the plants into the soil.  The sky was threatening when I was out there.  I love taking pictures of incoming storms.  The clouds are so interesting.

I am so tired now and I have to go to bed.  Big day tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful, busy day..and a good, big dinner. No wonder you are tired tonight- you deserve to be. Hope you have a good night's sleep. Those trees are just beautiful! xo Diana

  2. I enjoy flowering trees as well. Our weather has been weird this week. My daughter didn't work at the tulip farm on Thurs since it was supposed to be showery and cold and showers with sleet, they didn't want her to be cold again and most likely not alot of people out there for tulip viewing. We've been out having fun lately so will have some landscape photos to share soon. Right now I'm tired and will just go to bed early tonight. Have a good weekend and hope your kitchen work goes well soon! I have to get ready for our living room to be painted next month.

  3. Taking pictures of clouds is a favorite thing of mine to do! You got some great shots. I loved the little video of the trees covering the ground with their blossoms! It is raining here right now and it is 11pm. A wonderful thing to hear on our roof!

  4. I love the video! Listening to the wind blow always makes me feel safe & snug inside. I fell asleep listening to the rain last night.....Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Kathy, I am so thankful that you have a wonderful view of the trees. It helps our moods, I think . Hope your weekend is a great one, take care. xoxo,Susie

  6. Those trees are amazing! You are so lucky to watch those from your window each day

  7. It seems like forever since I've visited your blog. I'm so happy that Spring is all around you.
    The trees are wonderful, My heart leaps when I see them cause I know Spring is here! Love when the wind sets the blossoms free.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow, that sky is amazing! and glad you got things done. Looking forward to seeing the new kitchen. xo

  9. You captured those trees in full amazing! I sure hope you don't have any of the bad storms going through our country this weekend! Take care and have a nice weekend! Hugs, Diane

  10. thats some very threatening sky, wow, beautiful shots!!!!

  11. I'm glad to hear you had a good day and lots of energy. I think this warm weather brings up energy levels!
    Those trees are beautiful! I hope your storms don't get too bad. I know they are forecasting some rough ones for us Monday and Monday night. I'm totally not looking forward to it!

  12. We had that storm you were getting and it was really a windy one which kept the internet service going up and down for most of the evening.


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