Sunday, June 16, 2024


 Hello, friends.  I know it's been a while.  I have been either sick or very busy for weeks.  But I had to come on and say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  I miss my dad and my step-dad.  They were wonderful men.  My dad was a Marine and my step-dad in the Navy so they were both heroes in my book.

Today we are going to a church in our denomination for the first time.  Joe wants to visit this church and see if we like it.  The church we have been attending is down to six members and usually on Sunday morning there are seven people in the congregation at most.  We don't expect it to be able to be open much longer.  Joe doesn't want to wait until the last Sunday and then have to scramble to find some place to attend.  We both love the Bible Fellowship Church so want to find another church in our denomination to attend.  This one is about 30 minutes away and probably the next closest to us.

It's always strange to go into a new church.  People there all know each other.  They have their ways of conducting their service, etc.  But I know from experience that after you attend for a few weeks you fit right in.  Especially at a church people are glad to see you.  I am wondering how it will be on Father's Day.  If there will be special things going on.

Joe's father is also with the Lord.  He was a Marine -- another hero.  He always treated me as if I were his own daughter and I loved him for that.

It is going to be a hot day.  And I hot next few days also.  The weatherman just said as the week goes on you may think your body has adjusted to the temperature, but it is better to stay inside and have the air conditioner on.  I'm with him.

I went to the doctor this week.  He gave me arthritis medication, but after reading the warnings that came with it, I'm nervous about taking it and will call him tomorrow to ask about the potential side effects.  I know they have to tell you the worst case scenario, but in big letters it says it may cause death.  Yikes!

I also had a blood test taken and most of the results were very good.  But the part for my kidneys was not.  I want to talk to the doctor about that also.

There are some good things happening, though and I can't wait to talk to you about it.  But I can't just yet.  I will though.  So stay tuned.

Now I have to get ready for church.  See you all later.



  1. Hi Kathy, glad you're doing okay, I'm always glad to see a new post from you. I know what you mean about those prescription side effects, ugh.
    . I hope your new church visit goes well and you feel welcome. :)

  2. Hi Kathy! I am glad that there are some good and exciting things happening for you and Joe. I hope the new church congregation suits you and Joe. Churches everywhere seem to be decreasing in size. I think the lack of church attendance and participation IS NOT a good thing for our society, so I am glad that you and Joe are finding a new church so you can keep attending. We missed church due to travel today and I really miss going. Your dad and step-dad, as well as Joe's sound like good men and true heroes! I hope you get feeling better and have a good week!

  3. I'll be praying for you, Kathy, as it seems you've been struggling with some health issues, serious ones, it sounds like. May you find a wonderful family in this new congregation, and may God give you strength and comfort.

  4. I hope you like this new church and feel comfortable there. Enjoy your week my friend!


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