Wednesday, February 7, 2024


 Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  I love this cute little picture of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  Enjoy the cold while you can.  Spring is almost here.  Yay!

Yesterday I went to the cancer center to meet my new doctor and to get an infusion that I get once a year.  It is to protect my bones.  I didn't want to go alone, so I took Joe with me.  I was really nervous about meeting with the doctor.  I've had some things wrong with me and I was sure he was going to say there was something majorly wrong with me.  I was shaking when I went in.

I had to go to the blood lab first and give a donation.  Ha, ha!  The tech found a good vein immediately, so it was quick and easy.  Then on to the cancer center next door,  I checked in and it wasn't any time at all until I was taken back.  I saw a lot of nurses and techs that I hadn't seen in a long time.  I had taught in the morning, so went in the afternoon to the Cancer Center this time.  There were almost no patients there.

The nurse took my vitals and then I got to meet the doctor.  I had seen him for years in the Center but had never met him.  He was not at all what I expected.  He was so nice and kind and listened to what I said.  And what Joe said.  I was so nervous that when he asked me a question, I would forget what I should be answering!  When he was done, I went to the infusion suite for my treatment.  And I found out that I was getting Zometa.  They had called it by another name (Reclast) but I didn't know that that was what I was getting.  No wonder I feel nauseous afterwards.  Zometa always did that to me in the past.

The nurse was nice, but she was brutal with getting that needle into my hand,  It hurt so much!  Even when I told her it was hurting me, she just kept pushing it in.  But she got it in the first time and once it was there, I didn't feel it at all.  It's a 20 minute drip and once it was all over, we were on our way.

Bob Evans restaurant is in the same complex.  I had told Joe about it, but we had never been there.  Well, I had been there before, but he hadn't.  So we went there for dinner.  Neither of us had eaten much that day.  Joe had chicken fried steak and I had chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce.  Everything was good, but I think I like their breakfast better than their dinner.

On the way home we stopped at a few places to run some errands.  I picked up some cute gnome garden stakes that spell out the word "LOVE".  They are adorable.  It is only 30*F (-1*C) right now, so I may wait another day to get them into the yard.  It's supposed to get warmer tomorrow.  I know just how I want to do my yard to make it really cute for Valentine's Day.  And I will definitely show it to you once I have it the way I want.  I also got two pillow cases for the sofa.  They are cream with pink and red hearts all over them.  I'll show you that too.  They are really pretty.

I need to get off of here and start my day.  Thank you everyone for the prayers and good wishes you sent my way for the infusion.  I really appreciate it.  And for those of you who are waiting for another video from me on YouTube, it's coming.  I just haven't had a minute to sit down and film one!  But this week for sure.

See you all soon.



  1. Hi Kathy, Yay... for getting the infusion done for another year! I'm glad for you getting the new doctor who was kind and listened to what you and Joe told him.

  2. Hi Kathy. So glad you got your infusion done. Sounds like your doctor is very nice. It's always good to get a doctor who listens. Hope the rest of your week is a good one. See you again soon!

  3. Hi Kathy. Life is hard but the right attitude and right Dr. can make things so much easier. It's evident you have the right attitude and I'm so glad you had the right Dr.! ........and that is behind you for another year. I look forward to seeing all your Valentine decorations. I need the inspiration to decorate around here. Bless you my friend.

  4. I am glad your infusion was good even though it's hard to get the thing put in your hand. At least it didn't hurt after it's in there. I know that Megan has issues with women taking a blood draw from her. Most of the time she has to go to the lab and it gets done better. I am glad you had a good day with Joe. Megan is having her surgery on Feb. 22 and then sometime in March she will have chemo therapy again...3 times. Feel better my friend!! Have a blessed day!!-Becky

  5. Glad the infusion is behind you! It is a shame about the one tech... the one time I had a problem, the tech simply called another
    tech. Anyone can have an off day & the first tech didn't want to
    stress me out.
    Bob Evans sounds like a neat place. You both deserved a treat!

  6. Kathy, I know you are relieved to have that behind you for another year! And you even felt well enough to enjoy dinner on the way home! Wonderful!

  7. Glad that you liked the doctor and that he answered all your concerns, Kathy, and yes nice that you will not have to return for a year. The nurse didn't seem as kind as the doctor, but glad all worked out. Nice that you and Joe treated yourselves to dinner after as you deserved it.

  8. Hope you are doing okay. I miss your blog when you do not post. I do not respond much because the Ipad and Iphone make it difficult on some blogs. I get the laptop and try to catch up. Prayers


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