Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Hello, friends!  Happy day after Halloween.  I'm always sort of glad when Halloween is over.  I feel as if this is the beginning of the holiday season now. 

Halloween is not my favorite day.  Not like when I was little and it was a fun day of dressing up and trick or treating.  I am bothered by all the demonic themes attached to it.  Skeletons.  Demons.  Witches. Ghosts.  And each year it seems to get more and more evil.  I'm glad the little kids are still able to enjoy it as a fun time.

But now it is on to Thanksgiving.  While a lot of people don't celebrate the true meaning of the season (thanking God for all His blessings), it still is a lighter holiday than Halloween.

As usual we didn't get many kids around our way.  In fact, there weren't many kids out at all.  Maybe it was the freezing (and I do mean freezing) cold weather.  Maybe it was because we live on a one block long street tucked in an out of the way spot.  Last year we didn't get anyone.

This year Joe sat out on the step for about an hour or so.  At first there was no one around.  He looked so cold even with his jacket, hat and gloves.  He wouldn't let me go out because he didn't want me gettng cold.

Finally some kids came by.  Then another long wait and a few more.  We never did get a lot of kids, but I totaled them up and there were 16 kids.  Last year we got no one so this was better.

When he came in, we called and got pizza delivered.  A treat for the day.

I had stopped at the bakery after Bible Study that morning and bought some butter cookies so that was dessert.

And now on to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  It makes me remember to thank God.  It has my favorite colors -- brown, orange, red and gold.  I love the traditions, the food, the decorations and the beautiful colors on the trees and the flowers.

Hope you all had a good evening last night.  I'll be back soon with another post.

Until later,



  1. I don't like the dark side of Halloween either, I'll decorate with pumpkins and autumn flowers, but no skeletons or witches for me. I like that the kids can have fun though. I went to my daughters house, and we gave out tons of candy, handfuls for each kid. It was very chilly out, but at least it didn't snow like it did today!

  2. Kathy, I wish you could sit on our porch just ONE year---our tiny little tree-lined street is some sort of Kid-Hub, with cars starting to gather about 5---exactly yesterday. It was BITTER cold, and my planned robe and pink hat were swapped for a big red hoodie and two pairs of gloves before long. I love the little fairies and munchkins and all the sweet young folks in their "scary" outfits, and they remember us from year to year. I hate to say I'm amazed (must be exposure to TV) but it's just so gratifying and delighting to have so many happy wishes and Thank Yous and How ARE yous from even the tiniest tots. I say "take two," or to a crowd "Everyone gets two" as I hold the big satchel of Reese's and M&Ms and all those other chocolate temptations. And they scrupulously adhere to the two, and there's no pushing, no scrambling, not one wail or loud word in all that congregation of strangers. We did have just 200 last night, in place of our usually-prepared-for 400. It's my good dose of cute before the cold times set it, and though I still mask and glove everywhere I go, and did last night, I still let them crowd around and let me bask in all that young energy and promise. I love these kiddos and their patiently waiting on the sidewalk parents!

  3. Hi Kathy. We used to sit out on our driveway and give out candy when we lived in Arizona, but it was too cold for that last night. We had even fewer trick-or-treaters than you. We had lot of candy and had decorated the house but very few came. Our church had a bit trunk-or-treat event and I think I a lot of people around here took their very little kids to that. I'm with you about Thanksgiving. It is such a great holiday because it is all about gratitude for the blessings of God. See you again soon!

  4. I agree about the evil that seems to surround Halloween
    now. I'm glad I grew up when I did. We've had no kids so we stopped giving. However there's always the 'after' sale to get some for me.
    I like the gratitude of Thanksgiving. I feel I can use more attitude
    of gratitude. Maybe we all can.
    For me personally? It's the chilly (NOT cold!) weather. Snuggling
    with my 3 dogs & a blanket? My comfort zone!!
    Great blog today!

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