Friday, March 31, 2023



Hello, friends!  Hope you are all having a wonderful week.  The weekend is right around the corner. 

It has been quite a week for me.  I missed church on Sunday because I had been having severe stomach pains, nausea and running to the bathroom every few minutes.  It was not fun.  Instead of church I went to Urgent Care.  The doctor there said I had the dreaded stomach virus that has been going around here.  It just has to run its course.  She prescribed Pepcid for me just to keep me comfortable.  *sigh*

Monday I tried to get ahold of my gastro doctor.  I was scheduled for a colonoscopy on Wednesday and didn't know if I should go through with it.  His assistant wasn't in and the phone system they have there made it impossible for me to leave him a message.  I finally got ahold of a nurse and talked with her.  She left a message for him and told me to see how I felt the next day.  I was not going to take the cleanse if I wasn't going to have the procedure!

My doctor finally called me back on Tuesday morning and questioned me intently about how I was feeling.  Finally, he said to see how I was feeling in the afternoon before I started taking any medicine.  If I still felt bad, I was to call him back and we would reschedule.  After thinking it over, I decided to just go through with it.  I would only have it hanging over my head for awhile longer.  Let's just get it done.

So Tuesday afternoon I started the cleanse.  It actually went pretty well, all things considered.  Let's face it, no one likes to do this.  But since the last time he found precancerous polyps, this was the right thing to do.

My appointment was for 10:30 a.m.  My friend Carole picked me up and stayed with me.  We got to the hospital around 10:00 and got me signed in.  I was told there was no bed available, so I would need to wait in the waiting room for about 15 minutes.  Fine.  But that 15 minutes turned into 2 hours!  And it was freezing in there.  To make matters worse, I was so hungry.  There was a snack machine in the room and the two ladies sitting in front of us kept getting more and more food from the machine and eating it in front of me.  *sigh*

Finally about noon I was taken back to a bed.  Almost immediately there were nurses there getting me prepared for the procedure.  My doctor showed up at 12:05.  I told him I had been waiting for 2 hours and he was upset.  They had overbooked for the day so there were more patients than beds.  He had everyone move me into the operating room right away and by 12:15 I was in dreamland.  Well, at least that's the last time I remember seeing on the clock in the room.

The good news is there were no more precancer polyps.  Everything looked good.  I don't have to have another one for 5 years.  That will probably be my last one since they tend not to do them after age 75 unless there is a problem.  Since my dad died of colon and liver cancer I am very up on taking care of myself (as are my siblings).

When I got home from the hospital I got something to eat (can't remember what just now) and then took a nap.  And what a nap.  I slept from 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.  Wow!  I got up and Joe made me some scrambled eggs.  Then I went back to bed and slept until 6:00 the next morning.

I slept most of yesterday too.  But today I had to get ready for my next hospital visit.  I had my annual mammogram.  So back to the hospital I went.  On my own this time.  And a much shorter time.  My appointment was for 10:00 a.m. and I was on my way home by 10:45.  That included the waiting room, the changing room, the test, and waiting for the valet to get my car for me.

I would hope this is the last of hospitals for me for awhile but I also have a tooth that needs to be extracted sooner rather than later.  I didn't know the dentist was not open on Fridays.  I left a message, but will call on Monday also.  There is always something.  I need a vacation.  Fortunately, there is one coming up in my near future.  Tell you about that later.

I called out for Chinese food tonight.  Just right for a Friday night.  It reminds me of my childhood and the food my mom used to make for me.  I had chicken and broccoli.  Joe had egg foo yung for the first time and he liked it a lot.

Guess I'll end for now.  I still have things to do before I go to bed.  Although I really want to go to bed now.  I'm so tired.

Talk to you all soon.  Know that I do get around and read your posts even if I don't comment on them very often.



  1. Hi Kathy. I am glad that you finally got through the colonoscopy and that is behind you now for a few years. I have one of those coming up in a few weeks. I am looking forward to getting it done. You are an example to me, and when I scheduled it, I thought, if Kathy can do this, so can I! Sorry that this has been a challenging month for you, but I hope you enjoy your getaway trip and that things start to look up for you. You and Joe have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. That was a long wait for your colonoscopy, Kathy. No fun having to wait so long and not, especially when people were eating food near you. That happened to my daughter some time ago. I am getting a tooth extracted late April and 2 implants done with a blood draw that's needed for getting the new bone in and help my system get better. Off day after that at work, for sure and not working again til the following Monday. We are going to the coast week before my dental appointments. I have 2, one the afternoon before the other appt, in a different clinic. We still have chilly weather with a bit of wind and some rain. Looking forward to the tulip farm next Wed. Have a good weekend with Joe!

  3. I'm glad you were able to get the colonoscopy done & over
    with. I would have done the same. Sorry about the waiting room...
    and the food.Thankfully most of Temple's waiting rooms allow
    you to move to a further seat. As I am short, I once lay down across
    a double seat & closed my eyes. (Russ was there if they called me).
    Joe is a good hubby to make you eggs! Sleep is probably the
    best thing for you. Glad to hear you have a vacation coming. You
    deserve it. Enjoy!!

  4. Yikes! You really did spend much of your week at the hospital. Glad that you take good care of yourself. Yay for a good report! Have a good weekend...🌷

  5. I sure hope you feel better and can stay home and rest! Take care my friend!

  6. I just had a mammogram last week and mine was quick too! Mine came back normal, thank goodness. Hopefully you won't have anymore hospital visits for a long time! Can't wait to hear about your vacation!

  7. Isn’t it the worst having to wait for procedures that you have to fast for? I’m glad you felt good enough to get it over with. You’ve had quite a week with hospital visits! Hope this next week is smoother and you are feeling better. Take care!


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