Saturday, July 30, 2022



Hello friends!  Boy is it ever hot.  And I know it must be where you are too.  I feel as if I am living in the desert.  Here is what the temperature was when I got into my car on Friday.

That's 44*C for my friends who use the metric system.  It took forever to get the temperature to go down.

On Thursday I had to take Joe to the Emergency Room.  He had/has a nasty cough.  He started taking over the counter cough medicine, but it didn't help much.  He called his doctor, but couldn't get her, so ended up asking me to take him to the hospital.  They kept him a couple of hours, then sent him home with four prescriptions.  Don't worry, it isn't Covid.  He had two tests both of which came back negative.  When someone starts coughing isn't that the first thing we think of these days?

When we got out of the hospital, we headed to Target to get his prescriptions filled.  Target has a CVS in it.  I still am not walking well (or a lot) so I just stayed around the Dollar Spot.  I found some really cute things there.  I got some fall dish towels and a little decorative house.  I haven't taken a picture of them, but I will show you soon.

The CVS was closed so we had to come back the next day.  Joe was too sick to go with me, so I headed to Target by myself.  When I got to the store, I had to walk through the Dollar Spot to get to the pharmacy.  And I was so glad I bought my towels the day before.  There were two towels left.  Two.  Otherwise, the entire shelf was empty.  Wow!

I made a YouTube video showing my purchases.  It will go up in about a week (maybe two?) so be sure to check it out.

Sisters Getaway is coming fast.  Like tomorrow.  So this is going to be short.  I will be sure to post some pictures for you.

Until next time...



  1. So many shelves are practically bare or very sparse. Glad could get some medicine.

  2. Hi Kathy, Have a great time on your Sisters GetAway! We just had a wonderful week the 80s but we are headed back to the dreaded 90s today and through the upcoming week. I can't believe you were as hot as your car temperature showed. Sorry to hear that. You and Joe take care of yourselves.

  3. I hope Joe feels better soon and that you have a fabulous time with your sister! HAVE FUN...I know you will!

  4. Prayers that Joe feels better soon. I will look forward to pictures of those cute dish towels. Like you, I am ready for fall. Enjoy your sisters getaway. I will look forward to a full report on that on Youtube and here on your blog. I hope you leg continues to heal. Glad you are taking it easy. See you again soon!

  5. I hope Joe's meds do the trick for his bad cough. Enjoy your sisters' getaway! That should be fun!

  6. Yes, it is exactly the first thing we think of these days. I hope that Joe was able to get a Z-pak. They are very hard to come by these days. A person could keel over with bronchitis, but no meds for you.

    Have a great time with your sister. Praying that Joe feels much better soon.

  7. You might want to get a pharmacy where you can drive through like Walgreen, CVS, etc. I get my prescriptions in the mail, but if I need a quick one, I go there...enjoy your blog so so so much. Prayers

    1. This is CVS. We can only go where our insurance tells us we can. There are no choices. And no drive throughs.

  8. Hopefully Joe will be feeling better soon. No fun! We go to CVS pharmacy as well since we have new insurance. Phil will pick up my prescription after work as he works close to Target. It has been hot here as well! 114 in my car when I was in Molalla after I got out of dental appt on Tuesday close to 4 p.m. It became cooler as I drove home as it's the temp in car area that's 5 degrees warmer than real outdoor temperature. It is going to be in the 80s on Tues, 99 on Monday. Have fun with sister.

  9. Hope the meds will work for Joe and Yes that is the first thing everyone thinks of whenever someone coughs these days. Great finds for you at Target and it is just as hot here in NH, slightly cooler at 100 degrees, yikes🥵Enjoy your sisters getaway.

  10. Yes, it's been triple digits all summer long....horrible heat isn't it? Perhaps some chicken soup for Joe....however, glad you enjoyed your little Target excursion!

  11. I'm so behind in reading blogs. I hope Joe is feeling better by now. Shopping in person at Target is rare for me. I always did love the Dollar Spot though. Target does so good with their curbside service that going in and walking all over the store seems like a waste of time anymore =))
    Hope you are having a good week Try to stay cool!


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