Monday, May 3, 2021


 Hello, friends.  I think I'm back.  I think.  I have my new computer set up -- sort of.  There is definitely a learning curve.  It is a new Operating System and I am having quite a time learning it.  I'm getting too old to start over all the time.  Joe has been so helpful and figured out how to get our printer onto our new internet (yes, that got changed out too!) and even how to connect the chromebook so that it prints.  I kept getting messages that the print option was not valid.  Then yesterday I was looking at coloring pages for my Sunday School class and it began printing.  O,.. K...  But I am happy about that.

My new laptop that Joe bought me is bright red.  I shouldn't lose this one.  And I keep it in the box so it doesn't get damaged.  It is very nice and has lots of storage.  I didn't lose a lot of pictures because I had over 600 still on my SD card.  And others I can recover from this blog so it isn't terrible.  Right before all this happened I was printing out some photos and putting them into scrapbooks so it's not a total loss.  All my church files, however...  Well, that's a different story.  I am still hoping that Staples will be able to recover them for me.  I will go in a few weeks when I have time to see if they can help me.  I can always recover my recipes and knitting instructions so that is OK.

I was sort of glad to take a break in the month of April.  I have been so busy and overwhelmed.  May isn't much better.  Things going every week -- most of them doctor related.  Today is free though I have to get some things from the grocery store that I forgot to get when I was there the other day.  Isn't that always the way?  I get home and say, "Oh, I should have gotten... (fill in the blank)."  But I counted and it's only 10 things so that should be quick.  And I have to get gas too, so I am taking Joe with me to help out.

There is major cleaning to do.  MAJOR!  We saw a house online that we are interested in moving to and so have to get this house emptied.  How does a person collect so much junk stuff?  I have lived here for 41 years so I guess that is part of it.  This house we are looking at is one floor and we really need this as we are getting older.

I uploaded a new video editing software program and there is another learning curve there.  I hope I can get that up and running soon too.  I have so many ideas for vlog posts.  Of all things I couldn't remember what the old program was called and so I couldn't find it to upload it to the new computer.  *sigh*

I am so glad to be writing you a nice long post.  I have missed all of you.  I couldn't even get onto your posts to read what was going on with all of you.  There is a lot of catching up to do this week.

Tomorrow is Ladies Bible Study.  We are slowly working our way through Hebrews.  But better slowly and understand what we are reading.

On Thursday I have an appointment with an ear doctor.  I have been having a lot of pain and swelling in my left ear.  I have been getting dizzy and losing my balance also.  I saw my primary doctor last week and she said I have impacted wax in my left ear that is causing all of these problems.  She gave me the name and phone number of a doctor to see.  I am taking Joe with me because I am afraid of getting lost.  I hope they let him in.  Things are loosening up and we both have been vaccinated so maybe there won't be a problem.

I just went to find some pictures to share with you and...  I haven't even been taking pictures!  April was not a good month for me.  Really.

Well guess I will be going for now.  I want to show you my yard soon.  And maybe some recipes?  Crafts?  Decor?  Tell me what you would like to see and I will see what I can do.

Talk to you soon.  I'm back!



  1. I think I would probably go offline if I had to get used to another operating system. I just don't have it "in me" to start all over again, with learning computer stuff. so I admire you greatly for trying. It's good to see you back blogging. I think you should post whatever you feel like posting. Perhaps you'll get some inspiration as you visit other blogs & comment. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. It is SOOOOO good to have you back! Wow, so much is going on for you...possibly moving? That's exciting and oh how I know the work that goes into a move. In fact 7 yrs ago today we moved into this house. Getting rid of a house and barn full of 30 years of stuff was work. Hope it all works out for you!
    I'm getting used to my new computer but I have no idea where my recent pictures are on the thing, ugh. I'm fine with getting them on my blog but other than that I have no idea. I must ask my son but I get tired of bugging him with my ignorance 😉
    Take care! Hope to see you sometime when you get to Lancaster. I'm fully vaccinated too, woot, woot!

  3. So glad you are back!! Missed you. As far as pics, I'd love to see spring time in PA. and that includes your back yard. Also, enjoy seeing your wreaths on the door. Patty Mc

  4. I've had wax build up in my ears for years - About once every couple of years my regular Doctor flushes out my ear. I hope your ear isn't too impacted and you can get your balance back.

  5. I am glad you are back! I love my chromebook, it just keeps going. I am sitting here on my patio watching the cows cross the field following the feed truck. They know that truck and immediately start talking and the spring calfs start running and hopping. The hubs is brush hogging the empty field to the west. I love this time of the year. I can't wait to see some photos of your life in the city! Good to have you back! ` jackie

  6. I've had wax build up in my ears too. I'm so glad our regular doctor has been able to clean it out. I hope yours is cleaned soon.

    That's amazing that you've been in your house that long, wow! I can't imagine how hard it would be to move after that long. (We've been in ours 20 years.) I pray it all goes smoothly for you and you find the perfect house!

  7. So good to hear from you. Trying figure out new things on computer is more difficult as we get older,that’s for sure. I hope they clear your ear problems up soon,it must be awful to have that causing dizziness! Take care, house hunting sounds exciting!

  8. 41 years in one house...amazing...I have moved 31 times

  9. Hi Kathy - I am glad you are back. Hope you can get your new computer all set up like you want. I also hope that your move works out the way you want it to. Two years ago, we moved to a house that has a basement, but our laundry is upstairs on the main level and that helps so much, so being mainly on one level helps a lot as we age. Have a good week!

  10. Glad you're back. Sorry about the dizziness. That's not fun. Since you're thinking of moving, what about some de-cluttering posts. I'd be interested in that.

  11. So happy to have you back! Ear wax build-up..ugh! I've had mine flushed years ago. Weird feeling. I'm still figuring out my Chromebook for printing. I love seeing how you decorate for each month. I redo my bathroom & love picking themes! It was ducks for April & butterflies for May. Glad you're back!

  12. I'm glad you got a good laptop and able to blog again. Hope you feel better soon. I've had issues with my allergies lately. I am slowly getting rid of things in our house. We've lived in this house 31 years. Now that Megan's here for a visit she's going thru 2 boxes of clothes I saved for her since last visit in Nov. Most stuff gets donated to a thrift store in town. Take care and have a good week.


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