Sunday, March 5, 2017


What do you think when you see this photo?  This was a question that was asked on facebook about this scene.  Some people said beautiful, gorgeous, peaceful while others said lonely or sad.  So I'm curious what you think about it?  My first impression was that I loved the colors, I thought it was peaceful and a beautiful relaxing way to end the day.  But I can see the other side too.  It does look kind of lonely and sad.

Such a busy week I have had.  My sore throat finally went away.  I call next week to get a follow-up appointment with the doctor.  I really want to know what it all means.  I'm hoping it is just my acid reflux that is causing this.

Even though I seem to work all day around here, little gets done.  How does that happen?  Even though I do laundry every day it still piles up.  Again, what is going on?  The only thing I've been staying on top of is the dishes.  I really have to crack down on things because I have set myself deadlines to getting things done. 

The one day I will not push myself is Sunday.  My Sundays are mornings spent in church, afterwards enjoying a leisurely lunch and then napping and reading.  Such a good day. 

Hopefully today I will begin my garden posts.  I say hopefully because it is predicted a high in the 30s F. (0*C).  If it is too cold, I will not be going out to take photos.  I have cold induced asthma and I will not take a chance on having an attack.  You will all just have to wait until next week to see my tulips, iris and daffodils.  Oh yes, the lilac bush has little leaf buds too.  I'm looking forward to going to Home Depot and getting some bedding plants to begin sprucing up the yard this week.

Here's another youtube video Joe and I watched that we recommend for your viewing pleasure.  It's "A Tudor Feast at Christmas" and is set in 1590 during the reign of Henry VIII.  These history videos and series are so interesting!

I also joined a Book Club that is held in Great Britain.  We meet online and last night was the first meeting.  It's so interesting to hear other people's reaction and know that you weren't the only one who felt that way about the book.  We are reading "The Last Curtsey" by Margaret Rhoads who was Queen Elizabeth's first cousin.  She died very recently.  The book is really good.  We read the first two chapters this past week and are reading the next three chapters for next Saturday.  I really have to catch up because I didn't finish the second chapter.  I had read most of it, though, so could keep up with what was being said.  If you like biographies, this is a really good book.  I looked in the library, but they didn't have it.  So I bought it from Amazon and had it put on my Kindle.  I think I paid $5 for it (or thereabouts).  I will do a review of it when I finish it.

And now I really must go to bed.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.



  1. I agree the photo is beautiful. What do I think? My words would be 'quiet' & 'solitude'. I think of being able to meditate there.
    Have a sunny day! Stay warm!

  2. I know it is crazy that you can work all the time and things STILL need to be done. I have not figured this out yet!!

  3. I know that the final graphic's sentiment is very true, but it is sad.

    The first graphic looks beautiful and peaceful to me...even awe inspiring.

    "The Last Curtsey" sounds like a good book.

  4. The first photo is pretty but looks cold to me....and I just don't care for cold! It's cold here again but hopefully not for long. Not much blooming here but the daffodils are close!
    My energy level is so slow in coming back. Hope I feel like me again soon. Hope you soon feel better too!
    Have a good day, Kathy!

  5. The photo looks cold to me. I think that is all that is on my mind these days. Even when there are mild temperatures outside, I still have three shirts on.
    I hope you get good results from your tests. I had my esophagus stretched last fall because I was having trouble swallowing. My throat was sore for a week. I had never had that happen before. I gargled with warm salt water and it finally healed. Hope your throat heals soon.

  6. The bench/snow photo looks peaceful and pretty and yes, lonely. Nobody there. But I wouldn't be sitting out there either! It was chilly yesterday afternoon to evening. Wound up getting snow this a.m. but it's gone now. I try not to do much on Sunday either after we get home from church and eat then wash dishes. Yesterday I figured out some freezer meals to make and once I became tired, the rest would have to wait til tonight. I will cut up the chicken then put in ziploc bags for meals. If I work too much on Sunday then I wind up being so tired Monday. We're doing ok here, my leg's skin still having issues so prayers appreciated. It's getting there but too slow for my liking. Have a good week!


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