Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Where did August go?  Where did the summer go?  How does time move so quickly?  Every year it seems to rush by faster and faster.  Maybe I'm just getting old.

I have had a stomach virus for the past couple of days.  It has not been fun.  But I think it is almost over now.  I think...

The one good thing of sitting around is I was able to finish knitting a scarf for myself.  I have a red coat for winter and this white scarf will go perfectly with it.  As soon as I block it I will show you a picture of it.

I took a chance and went to teach Bible study yesterday.  Again only Dottie and Debbie showed up and it again was a wonderful study.  We are almost finished with the book of Philippians.  I like this book a lot.  After the study I stopped at the post office and Rite Aid and then took Debbie home.  I had to just drop her off and leave because I started getting the stomach pains again and I knew I was going to be sick.

When I got home I ran for the bathroom and then laid on the sofa and slept the entire afternoon away.  I felt so much better when I woke up so I guess that is just what I needed.  Hopefully this will be gone by tomorrow.  I have a lot to do including going food shopping.  That is not a job for the faint of heart or sick of stomach.

Sunday on the way home from Target we stopped off at the farm truck in our neighborhood.  Joe got out and bought some corn and some tomatoes.  We haven't used the corn yet, but the tomatoes are wonderful.  The guy selling the stuff said that was the last weekend he would be there since summer was just about over and he didn't come after Labor Day.  How did it get to be almost fall?

Can you imagine it's 8 months ago today that I retired from the library.  How my life has changed.  All my doctors tell me my blood pressure and health in general is so much better.  I know for sure my stress level is down.

Tomorrow is the first of September and a day I try to celebrate.  I love September.  It is still summer for the first half of the month, but usually the heat and humidity goes down.  Although we are ending a sixth heat wave tomorrow and a seventh is due to begin in about a week.

Fall begins in September and I love the beginning of fall while it is still warm and beautiful.

And my wedding anniversary is in September.  Both Joe and I love this month which is why we chose it to get married.

So I am very excited about tomorrow and can't wait to show you all the cool stuff I have planned.  But to do that I have to get some sleep and hopefully feel better when I wake up.  So goodnight everyone and have a great last day of August.



  1. OK,... you got me wondering what it is you are up too!
    I enjoy Fall. I enjoy the seasonal changes. Fall is the most visible.

    1. I always celebrate with a special meal and start my fall decorating. Nothing outlandish.

  2. I am so glad that your virus is over and now you can enjoy your favorite month. It was glorious weather here today and it might be coming your way. I'm not sure though because the tropical storm/hurricane is coming up the coast. Happy September!


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