Monday, March 21, 2016


It was a pretty day yesterday.  Even though it was cold, the snow held off until the evening.

The church looked very nice.  And it was a beautiful service too.  Pastor Joshua was our guest speaker and his message was great.  I have to  upload it to youtube sometime today.

The lady that came last Tuesday came back for church on Sunday.  She is so happy to have found a church to attend and says she will be back on Tuesday again for Bible study.  Anne who was in a bad car accident and hasn't been out for months was able to come.  And just as we were all leaving Natasha came with her friend.  We haven't seen her in almost a year.  She moved and she hasn't been able to get to church because she had no transportation.  But she says she will be at our Good Friday service because her friend that drove her yesterday also wants to attend Good Friday.  I can see the Lord working in a great way in the church.  If Natasha, her girls, her fiance and her friend come, that will mean we will have gained 8 people just since the new year.  Praise God!

After church Joe and I went to visit our friend Paulette.  She lives near the church so it was easy to pop around.  I don't see her very often but it's always the same as if we had just spoken the day before.  We stayed about an hour visiting her and then left to get lunch.

We decided to go to McDonald's on the way home.  We won't do that again.  We had to wait so long and then they messed up our order.  We didn't notice it until we got home, and there was nothing we could do about it then.  I got my sandwich, but they didn't give Joe his.  It seems to be this particular McD's.  It's near where I used to work and I would go there at lunch time and I had to always make sure I had the right thing before I left.  We're going to a different one next time.

After we ate Joe said he wanted to take a nap.  I thought that was a good idea so I laid down too on the sofa to watch TV.  The next thing I knew it was after 8 p.m.  Oh no!  I hadn't gotten anything out of the freezer so there was nothing for dinner.  Joe told me to call the Chinese restaurant down the street from us so that's what I did.  It was good and a nice change.  Then we went back to bed.  I have no idea why I am so tired but I must have needed the sleep.

So now I have to get some lunch and then I want to move some furniture around so I can put up the new bookshelves Joe bought.  I'd love to surprise him with that when he gets up.  I have to study for tomorrow too.  The weeks just seem to fly by.

So until later...



  1. Kathy, So glad you had a nice church service for Palm Sunday. Glad the snow held off too. Blessings for a fun week. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I'm glad that things are looking up for your sweet, little church.
    Happy Easter, if I don't get back.

  3. Kathy!!!
    so happy I am getting caught up. looks like a beautiful Palm Sunday. We had a gorgeous day yesterday I feel so blessed.

  4. Great sermon. I was glad to hear Natasha's doing well...and church is growing!Enjoy your naps. You've earned them! Have a sunny day! woof

  5. Eight new people in a small church is a big deal. People that go to mega-churches don't realize how impressive that is--and how tightly bound members of a small church become.

    We have a Wendy's here that is like your McDs. We always check and then double check our order before we Hate it-but it is what it is.

    I hope you have a blessed Easter week as we countdown to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Love to you, Kathy- Diana


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