Sunday, June 18, 2017


I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful Father's Day.  I miss my dad so much.  But I know he now no longer has cancer and is not in pain so I could never wish him back.  Someday I will see him again.

Last week Joe had two doctor appointments at the V.A. Hospital.  The first one was at 2:00 p.m. but because of traffic I didn't get him there until 2:10.  So the doctor took the 2:30 appointment first.  Joe didn't get into the office until 2:51.  His next appointment was at 3:15.  At 3:20 p.m. we were still sitting in the office.  So I went three floors up and across the building to his next appointment to tell them what was going on.  They were not happy.  But...  the second doctor waited for Joe and he was able to get his appointment.

After all of that we were hungry.  Neither of us had eaten lunch.  So we ended up going to East Coast Wings.  Khris, our favorite waiter, was assigned to us.  What a pleasure.  He is really good.  We always give him a large tip and he always treats us like royalty.  Of course now that we know him somewhat we joke around with him too.

Joe insisted on getting pub pretzels for an appetizer.  I didn't mind.  They are so very good!

I had a mango iced tea.  I had been there on Sunday (this was Thursday) with some friends from church and the mango iced tea was incredible.  This was so-so.  I wished I had ordered the lemonade.

Joe was very hungry.  He got spare ribs.

I had boneless wings with honey garlic sauce and homemade potato chips.  The wings were on sale for 65 cents each. 

I was wearing white and fortunately didn't get barbecue sauce all over me.

It was so nice having a date with my husband.  We need to do this more often.

Where's the last place you ate out?


  1. Louis Dean always asks me when he eats out - "am I wearing my food?"
    Good food was in order after those appointments! Your meal looked amazing!!

  2. Looks super delicious! I think the last place we ate out was IHOP.Russ & I prefer to do
    take out & eat more comfortably at home.Glad Joe was able to make both appointments.

  3. What a wonderful account of a lovely weekend! I do believe you two are both looking younger all the time! Must be all that close connection between you, and that fabulous Pennsylvania air.

    Happy Cusp of Summer to you both!


  4. That looks like a great way to end a somewhat stressful day. Joe even has green things on his plate! šŸ¤“ And he sure looks happy. You did much better than I with the white...I always, without fail, spill something on me and last Thursday was no exception when I took my grands out for pizza right at our local pizzaria. (Last night my daughter shared half of her chicken salad Italian sandwich with good, best thing I have eaten lately!

  5. Kathy, Those appointments can be a mess...thankful Joe got both over with. Nice lunch together. You both look very good. Hope all is well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. I love that you and Joe eat out on a date. We never eat out by ourselves. Of course, we do not have really great places to eat at like you do. When we have company, we order and bring it home for them. You two look so good.

  7. What a lovely picture of your dad, he looked like a sweet man.
    I truly hate going to doctor appointments, not so much the appointment, but the gearing up to go. I'm glad your Joe got to see his doctor after all that effort.
    The food looks delicious, and the plates so full :)
    We ate with my granddaughter for Father's Day, she cooked pork tenderloin on the grill, and a squash, zucchini casserole to die for !
    Hope you are having a lovely week, dear bloggy friend ....

  8. I enjoy eating out but we don't do it often. We just got back from the beach....we ate at a restaurant on the boardwalk on Saturday. I had a salad...what I often get since I need to eat GF. Some places are better at the choices than others.

  9. Phil and I went out to Red Lobster for Father's day, after church. Spent more than we should have....why do I order appetizer when the salad and biscuits come quick? It would have saved a bit. I had a $4 off coupon which did help. So delicious. Ate too much. Wished I'd brought half the shrimp home with me..they were huge. Tuesday at at Red Robin with girlfriend for a birthday get together for her. We always have fun together when we have the schedules that match. Happy week!

  10. Looks like a great date out, Kathy. Hope Joe's appointments all went well too. The last time we ate out was last week when we were in Shelburne, VT, and went to a place in town called Pauline's Cafe. It ws very good and there was even an early dinner special that included seafood, our favorite!


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