Friday, March 3, 2017


Such a busy week I have had.  I got through all of Joe's doctor appointments and Wednesday I had my endoscopy.  I needed to know why I keep having esophageal spasms and pains in my stomach.

My appointment was for 11:15 and Carole got Joe and me there at 11:00.  I was taken back about 11:30 and the procedure was done around noon.  By 12:30 I was out of the surgical unit, had been given some juice and cookies and was getting ready to go home.

Let me tell you when they say the anesthesia stays with you 24 hours, it really does.  I wasn't really myself until late yesterday afternoon.

The doctor found some polyps on my esophagus and in my stomach and took some biopsies.  I have to make an appointment in 4 weeks to go back to see him.  I don't know exactly what this all means and if it has anything to do with the spasms I've been having.  I guess I have to be patient and see what the test results are.

The most frustrating thing about the entire procedure was the fact it was Ash Wednesday.  My doctor is Jewish and he was asking all these questions to the nurse who had ashes on her head about Christianity and the difference between Protestants and Catholics.  I so wanted to answer him but I had that plastic piece in my mouth and couldn't talk.  Ah!!!

I put together the slow cooker recipe for chicken thighs with lemon and garlic before I left for the hospital.  When we got home Joe took it out of the refrigerator, put it in the cooker and turned it on.  That smelled so good cooking all afternoon.  And it was good too.  I am definitely keeping that recipe.
Yesterday was just a stay-at-home day.  Joe and I did go out to Wawa and get something for dinner because I really wasn't up for cooking.  But that was about it.

This morning I went to get my hair cut.  I go every three months and I had made this appointment three months ago so didn't want to miss it.  Deb gave me such a cute cut.  I got her to cut it a little shorter in the back this time.  I really love it.

It will be so easy to take care of.  I was thinking how cool it would be for the warmer weather coming and now tonight we get the news that the weather is going down into the 30s and not getting warmer than that for several days.  Not good timing on my part.

All day I've thought it was Saturday.  It didn't help that Joe thought it was Saturday too.  I am so glad to have another day before Sunday.  I have so much to do.

And I'm going to get off of here and do something.  Hope you all have a nice evening.


Sunrise:  6:31 a.m.
Sunset:  5:55 p.m.
11 hours and 24 minutes of daylight
Temperature:  40*/23* 


  1. Yup! Cute cut. Hahaha about wanting to get in on the discussion. Praying for good test resutls.

  2. Love the cut! So cute! Keeping you in prayer for the test results.

  3. I hope things work out ok with your test and nothing major and fixable. I like your hair cut. I just got mine cut yesterday. One and a half inches. Still long enough to pull back. Mine gets so thick after awhile that it needs thinned as well and my bangs always need help. Into the 40s and mid 30s at night here. Rain about nothing major. Saw some heavy clouds while I was out today. Prayers for you my friend!


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