Monday, August 1, 2016


Day three of our vacation to Lancaster County.

We got back to the hotel and I woke up Joe.  He and I got ready for dinner and met Elaine and Marion to walk over to the restaurant.  Everything is in one place which makes things easy to get to.

Since it is a farm they have animals in pens near the restaurant.  You can feed them if you are careful.  The goats do bite and I have seen those chickens be nasty too.

We met my brother Larry and sister-in-law Kim there.  Since I had made reservations we got seated right away.  Our waiter was named "Stick".  We have no idea why.  But he was very pleasant and a good waiter.  Everyone got the smorgasbord except for Kim and me.  Kim got chicken quesadillas and I got a fried chicken dinner.  Yes, my diet went right out of the window.  But I expected that and I'm back on target since I got home.  Elaine's dinner was free since it was her birthday and everyone else was 15% off since Joe is a veteran.  Everyone at the table thanked Joe for his service.  Ha, ha!

The waiter brought Elaine a whoopie pie with a candle for her birthday.  But he told us to not worry, he wasn't going to sing.

On the way back to the room I took a few more pictures of the animals.

I had walked way too much and with the driving through the storm I was hurting pretty badly.  We went back to the room and I put my swollen feet up.  My back was hurting too.  A lot.

Everyone else went to Elaine's room and her friend Donna and husband Glenn came over.  They were staying at another hotel down the street so it was easy to get there.  Joe went next door to Elaine's room to talk to Larry.  I didn't know everyone was there, but I was in a lot of pain anyway so I took some aspirin and stayed put.  I did make a short video for you though.

By the time Joe came back and told me everyone was over there I had gotten into my pjs, had the TV on and was snuggled into bed drifting off.  Oh well, it's not the first party I missed.  Sorry I didn't get to see everyone though.

This is the end of the first day, but there's more to come.




  1. You packed a lot into this vacation! Lots of FUN can tire you out! Hugs!

    1. We did pack a lot in because we had only two days away. And you are right. We were tired when we got home.

  2. I do not recognize the room in which you ate nor the animals. I don't think I have ever been there. Did you go past Dutch Wonderland. I have a friend who works there. Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

    1. It is Hershey Farm on Route 896 (Hartman Bridge Road). It's between Philly and Dutch Wonderland. Dutch Wonderland is about a half-mile further down on 30.


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