Thursday, August 25, 2016


My friend, Marianne, meets kids from all over the world in her job as head librarian in the Children's Department.  And you never know what these kids will say.
June 5
One of my Muslim boys approached our reference desk, leaned over and said to me, "Ms. B, can I tell you a secret?" 

"That depends on what the secret is. Sometimes, I am bound to tell it. Be very careful what you want to confide in me." 

"Ms. B, it's okay. I want you to call me by my real name, Jeffrey."

"Jeffrey? Your name isn't Jeffrey." 

"Is too!" 

"Is not! I know your real name, and it's not Jeffrey." 

"Ms. B, I want you to call me Jeffrey and not tell anybody. They won't know." 

Megan overheard this and asked, "How can Ms. B call you Jeffrey and no one will know about it? If she calls you Jeffrey, everyone will know, right?" 

"Ms. B, I want you to call me Jeffrey. It will be our secret. No one will know." 

"Why do you want to be called Jeffrey?" 

" Because I like that name. I like Jeff. Yeah, I want that name."

"What name is on your library card?" 

"I don't have a library card. My brother uses his for me. So when my mom comes in to sign the paper for the library card, she won't know I put Jeffrey down because she can't read English. Then I will be Jeffrey! Please, Ms. B, call me Jeffrey. Call me Jeff. I want you to call me Jeff." 

"Well, how about Ms. Megan, then? Is she supposed to call you Jeff, too?" 

"No, Ms. B, only you. Only you can call me Jeffrey or Jeff. It will be our secret!" 

Someone obviously wants my undivided attention!


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  1. This made me smile. He definitely has a special place in his heart for you ♥


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