Friday, August 19, 2016


June 5
More boys want to volunteer, some of them our miscreants. I have a very thorough screening process. I give the children an application which they must fill out and get signed by parents. On the top of the application I write that they must call for an appointment for an interview with me and I write our phone number. I tell them they can not call me the same day, they must wait at least 2 days before they call me. If they do not follow the directions I have given, I disqualify them from the volunteer acceptance process. 

Today, Jamal wanted to volunteer and get the application. I began writing my instructions on the top of the application. His brother Ahmed, who was waiting for HIS interview today (he's the one who gets into fights), proudly told his older brother what was going to happen. "See, Ms. B is going to give you a very special private time for a meeting with her, but you will have to call to arrange it. She is writing down everything in her very special handwriting: Cursive! It is very important so she uses her important handwriting, Cursive! See? Look at Ms. B's special beautiful handwriting! I wish I could write Cursive!" 

Of course, all the children crowded around to see Cursive!



  1. Too cute Kathy. I never achieved the beautiful "cursive " writing I longed for, but I wonder if kids read any. So when I write to my grandkids I print. Not the older ones the ones still in school. When schools said they were not going to teach cursive, I wondered how will they sign their names on any dotted lines. A big fat X...or what. I think some are bringing back cursive, thank goodness. Hope you are feeling better...take care of yourself . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. They sign their names by printing them. At least they did when I was giving them library cards. Schools are saying that cursive is obsolete because computers use printing and that's all kids need to know. I learned cursive and I think to be well educated you need to be able to read and write it.

  2. I intend to teach my grandchildren cursive if they do not learn it at school. Louis Dean loved teaching handwriting when he was a school teacher. I can't believe it's no longer important to learn to write.....

  3. I vote for cursive. I agree that things like signatures should not be 'out of style'.


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