Sunday, August 7, 2016


It was another nice Sunday at church.  I pulled up just as our guest speaker and his wife arrived.  It was our surrogate Elder Bob Evans and his wife Corrie.  They are such nice people.  I'm glad I was there to unlock the door for them and they didn't have to wait for me in their car.

After the worship service a group of people from Grace Bible Fellowship Church and I headed over to the parsonage.  This coming week is their work week, when a group of them come to help us update and repair the church and parsonage.  It is so nice of them to have this ministry.  So it will be a busy week for Joe and me.  We have to be over there to let them in and provide lunch for them (our choice, not theirs).  They were surprised that we were giving them lunch and very appreciative.  But we are happy they are coming to help! And then at the end of the day we have to make sure everything is locked up.

The first thing they are going to do is scrub the entire parsonage with Lysol and then paint the whole thing before our new pastor moves in.  Yes, after 13 months we are finally going to have a pastor.  We are very excited and happy about this.  I can see it being such a good thing to happen.  Joe and I are already friends with them and are so glad that Pastor Ralph and Carolyn are coming.

So I was in the parsonage with the work crew after church showing them around.  They were moving in water and paint.  Everyone is so excited about this week.  It's just the getting up every morning that will be hard for me.  Plus Joe and I have three doctor appointments this week.  What a week this will be!

On Saturday is my family's first Family Reunion.  I am going to be so tired for it.  I'm supposed to make something to bring, but I've already decided that is out.  I'll stop off at Shop Rite and get a couple of pies or some cookies.  I just can't work all week and then bake for 100 people.

After church I went to Shop Rite to get the food for the lunch tomorrow.  But I couldn't find any parking.  I drove around and around looking for someplace to park and there was nothing!  So I left and went down the street to Target.  I still couldn't find handicapped parking, but I found something not too far from the door.

I got frozen turkey meatballs and a basil and garlic tomato sauce.  I am going to put everything in the crockpot, get some rolls (I couldn't find any at Target) and something to drink on the way over to church.  I got a bag of chips too.  I think Tuesday they are on their own.  Wednesday Jim is getting them pizza.  Thursday Dorothea is giving them sloppy joes.  Then on Friday Joe and I are getting lunch meat and cheese, bread, salad and iced tea for them.  I might try to get some kind of fruit dessert too.

Well you know if I went to Target I didn't just get the food for tomorrow.  I looked for my yogurt, but there was none there.  *sigh*  They had other flavors but no Chocolate Coco Loco.  So I got a couple of Chocolate Hazelnut.  I also got some folders, a coloring book and....

Oh, I couldn't resist.  Like I need another book, right?  But I have all the Harry Potter books and I so wanted this one.  It was on sale, too.  I saved $12.  As soon as I'm finished the book on Napoleon (which will be this week) I'm going to start on this.

I had flounder, spinach noodles, and cataloupe for dinner.  Then a piece of the leftover cake from church this morning.  It is citrus pound cake and so good.  OK, I messed up my diet big time today.  But I'm still losing weight even with my days off so that's what counts.  It's back to being good tomorrow.

So now I am going to go until tomorrow.  It's going to be a busy day.  I'll be back later with another homekeeping hint for you.  Until later...




  1. What a blessing the people from Grace Bible are! You are certainly looking at a very busy week.
    Happy you got a deal on the book. Enjoy!

    1. Too busy! I woke up late today so I will go over without breakfast, get them set up, then come home and eat. They are having devotional time each morning that I really want to be a part of. There is nothing like a BFC devotional time.

  2. Glad you're sitting down in the picture---you don't seem to get to light anywhere very often!

    What a week you have planned! I hope ours will be less interesting, for tomorrow is Sweetpea's first day of school---she's been with us about three days a week all Summer, and we're having our last little play day together for a while today, except for some afternoons I'll pick her up.

    We just got the HP on our Nooks, and also two copies of the hard-back---one for Caro, who is Nook-reading it now, and one for our GRAND who is such a fan. We've been working on her HP Birthday party for a while now, with several postponements due to schedules and weather, etc. I wish you could see the things Caro (world's greatest fan and trivia authority) has made for a gift.

    We have centerpieces made of "potion bottles" holding wands, topped with Hogwarts Train tickets, a set of thirty flying brass keys with little paper wings we printed and cut out, several "book covers" by Gilderoy Lockhart to tape around real books, and about fifteen potion bottles of all shapes and sizes, filled with the proper colours and consistencies of liquids and dried things all mentioned in the books. I cannot imagine having someone take such care and get something together so beautifully---but Caro's meticulous and very gifted at gifts, anyway. She even did calligraphy on Old, faded paper labels.

    Better go back to enjoying my company---and you try to take a break now and then!


    1. Oh, Rachel, if you could only see just how much time I spend sitting since it is so painful for me to stand. If only I could be as I once was, but those days are gone.

      I would adore going to a Harry Potter party. Sounds like so much fun. Please take lots of pictures and share them.

  3. I am having fun catching up with you!!

  4. I am so happy to read that you have gotten a pastor. What an exciting time for your church and how blessed to have people from another church come and help clean and paint.

    1. It is a real blessing to have our sister church with us. What a joy to fellowship with our brothers and sisters each day.

      And yes, we are very excited about starting a new chapter in our church with a new pastor.


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