Sunday, August 21, 2016


And I am loving August.  I am having the best summer in a long time.  Even with the heat, I am loving being home from work.  Retirement is the best.  And people were asking me what in the world I would do to keep myself occupied.  I don't have time to breathe!

Yesterday Joe and I both had some energy and so we attacked the house.  We got three loads of wash done.  I cut most of the grass and when my back gave out, Joe finished it for me.  I straightened up the patio.  It has more work to be done on it, but it's a whole lot better than it was.  I even got a bit done on my messy living room.  Things are moving right along.

Today Joe preached his last message in Colossians.  Since our pianist was away, there was a worship team from our sister church Grace BFC who came to help us out.  They were great!  Such nice young people.

After church we went to Target so I could get printer ink and paper.  I go through ink so quickly and it's so expensive.  I found a good deal on black ink, though.

While we were there we went to the food section.  We were going to pick up only a few things, but saw a lot of good deals.  I picked up a box of Pumpkin Spice flavored Life cereal.  According to a review I read it is supposed to taste like a pumpkin pie.  I am going to taste it tomorrow and see if that is true.

I also found my Chobani Almond Coco Loco yogurt.  And it was cheaper than it was at Shop Rite so I was happy.  I gave a container to Joe yesterday and he loved it.  But he can't eat too much because it has a lot of sugar from the chocolate and he's diabetic.

We also got some bacon wrapped herbed chicken breasts for dinner.  I made them with some  roasted potatoes and peas.  They were really good, but I splurged on them so we won't be having them very often.  They were expensive.  I just wanted something different.

 So another busy week ahead.  Hopefully more yard work tomorrow, Bible study Tuesday, VA Hospital and evening Bible study on Wednesday, going to Cairn University to recruit students to help with the youth ministry on Thursday.  Busy, busy.  And I love it.

Here's another one of my necklaces.  I don't wear it very often because it's bulky and heavy.  But I like it.  I actually got it at a flea market a few years ago.

And now it's time to go to bed so I can get up and busy tomorrow.  Have a good one everyone.



  1. You are one busy lady! It is surprising what flavors cereals come in. Not that i am a big fan of pumpkin,but let me know how it is.You can't see it,but I'm doing a happy dance! The news just said the humidity will be GOING DOWN!!Yeah! Maybe even a breeze? (hope hope)
    Enjoy your day!

    1. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. I am enjoying the cooler temps this morning.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful although busy weekend! I hope you enjoy the week ahead ♥

    1. Thanks, Summer. Hope you have a good week too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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