Monday, April 4, 2016


We have had some wicked winds here this weekend.  It began on Saturday when the sky looked dark and threatening.  We were told to expect snow but fortunately didn't get any.

But Saturday night the winds started.  You could hear them howling around the house and I heard the trash cans blowing around in the back yard.  By Sunday morning the winds were wicked.  We had only 8 people show up for church.  And I don't blame anyone who didn't want to brave those gusts.  We had a guest speaker who was a missionary from Brazil.  He was excellent and it was a shame that more people weren't there to hear him.  I started to tape the message as usual, but the battery on my camera died so I got only 14 minutes of the message.  *sigh*

This morning I went out to the back yard to clean up the damage from the winds.  Furniture was overturned and the trash cans were blown all over the place.

Joe and I picked everything up and put them back where they belonged.  Unfortunately a lot of damage was done to the spring flowers.  Many of them were crushed or the stems were broken.

The hyacinths were in bad shape.

Fortunately the lilac bush was spared.  I couldn't believe how big the leaves were.  The other bush didn't make it through the winter, but at least I have one.

I have lots of different colored daffodils.  They are Joe's favorite flower.  Almost all of them had their stems broken.

Crushed tulips.

So I picked the best of the daffodils and brought them into the house.  That way we can at least enjoy them for a few days.  Outside they would just have died by tomorrow.

I was able to salvage my ceramic mushrooms and frog although they are badly chipped now.

I was also able to put the new flowers into my pot on the front walk.  It looks really nice and much better than the little fake Christmas tree I've had in until now.

Our car is in the garage today getting an oil change.  I try to keep up on maintenance so the car never gets really bad.  That's how I keep my cars for 10 years at a time.  I'm waiting to hear from them that the car is finished but so far no word.

I hope this is the end of the wind for awhile.  It's Bible Study tomorrow so I have to end and go study my lesson.  The teacher can't teach unless she knows the subject.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



  1. I don't know what I dislike more, wind or lightning...I think wind!
    Thank you for the hug. We still are trying to find our new normal.

  2. sorry about the damage, glad you are safe.

  3. beautiful blossoms, but what a storm, its amazing how destructive the wind can be,, it sounds like the people that missed church missed a great speaker,,

  4. That wind was really strong! Took your breath away. Sorry to hear about the damage however it could have been worse. I agree about wishing more people had showed up. He had a good sermon & it was kind of interactive. I totally enjoyed it!!.Another couple of cold days predicted;stay warm! woof


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