Sunday, April 17, 2016


Call to worship:  Psalm 40:1-3
I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire.  He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.  he has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see what he has done and be amazed.  They will put their trust in the LORD.

And Joe's message from last week: An Introduction to Colossians.  It's only 21 minutes long.  He's known for his 20 minute sermons.



  1. Kathy, A twenty minute sermon...people will not be squirming in the pews. :) I will be back later today to listen to you. Blessings for a great Sunday. xoxo, Susie

  2. From the Land of the Twenty-Minute Sermon, and from my perch on the front pew so as to be handy to the piano, I could time off those minutes unconsciously---the first thirty were Doxology and singing and announcements and prayer and more singing, (three verses each, minimum, from the four-verse Broadman---it's a known fact that the third-verse is a great Wasteland, seldom sung and unfamiliar) and then a choir special right after the offering, and that twenty-minute sermon, from a succession of probably twelve pastors during my lifetime in that little Southern church.

    A soft slowing at the end, the Invitation, prayer, and then the shuffle/talk out to the parking lot. One innocent little joke was about the church across town which "let out" at 11:50, so as to give its congregation first-in-line spots at the new cafeteria up the highway. We always wondered if they shortened the music or the sermon!

    I'll look forward to hearing the message later today.


    1. Rachel, I love how you write. I feel as if I were there with you. We are a little different than your service, though. For one, we never sing the Doxology. We sing all verses of a hymn even if it's 5 or 6. We do not take up an offering. We do not have an invitation at the end. And we don't have a choir.

      Here's our schedule: Call to Worship, 2 hymns, Prayer & Praise, Scripture, Announcements, Hymn, Message, Hymn. Very simple. We come out of the anabaptist movement so there are no stained glass windows, no pictures, nothing embroidered. Our church looks like a home. White walls and plain windows on the side. Wooden floors. It's not for everyone, but I love it.

  3. I love it too! You feel welcome the minute you enter. 10,000 Reasons is one of my favorite songs.The chorus can just feel the praise welling up & out! I've found Joe covers a LOT in those 20 minutes! Great sermon! woof


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