Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Are you an animal lover?  Listen to my friend Marianne's experiences with animals.
May 19
A robin has been following me around my house and yard. It wakes me up in the early morning with its warbling outside my bedroom window. When I go outside, it appears out of nowhere and hops along in my presence. It follows me to my car, and when I return it appears again. When I go in the house, I see it looking up at the door. It perches on the rail and begins singing its sweet tune. I go back out, it looks at me, and continues following me. Even when I am sitting on our glider in the yard, it comes as close as it can and stays there, sometimes singing, sometimes looking for whatever it wants in the grass. This has been going on since Saturday. At first, I thought it was my imagination or a different robin. I thought a nest might be nearby. No to all three. For some reason I do attract animals. 

There used to be a baby rabbit in our garden who always popped out when I walked by. Butterflies and moths and fireflies circle around me and rest on my head and arm. Even stray cats hear me returning home at night and race my car to my house. 

Same thing happens at work. In the winter, a lone fox crossing the road stops and looks right at me. Deer do the same. Maybe St. Francis, my favorite saint, is trying to tell me something!

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  1. Such a blessing for Marianne! I feed the little sparrows here but none "follow" me. Enjoy!

  2. that is amazing!!

  3. Kathy, We used to have a cardinal here that did the same thing your friend's robin did. It would walk along the window sill and look in our windows. I loved that bird. Blessings to you today. xoxo,Susie

  4. We have two squirrels that come to our door looking for peanuts. Yesterday for the first time I was able to hand feed one of them.

    1. Yay! You finally got one to come to you.


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