Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I had to take Joe to the V.A. Hospital before I went to teach Bible Study yesterday.  We stopped off at 7-11 to get something to eat and I saw the sun rising.  What a shot!  So pretty.  I'm glad I have my camera with me all the time.

I wanted to get my hair cut before Easter.  I loved my long hair, but it was getting stringy and unmanageable.  Besides with my thyroid disease making it fall out, it was discouraging.  So today I went to Mane Connection (my favorite place to get my hair done) and had Deb do a great cut for me.  Everyone there is so nice (including the other customers) and I never get a bad cut.  Ever.  No matter which stylist does it.

So here is my before picture:

Not bad.  But what a difference afterwards.

Even the color looks better.  I am so happy with it.

You can see my new glasses too.  I'm still getting used to them.

When I was finished I went across the street to Rite Aid to get my allergy medicine.  Yes, it's that time of year.  All winter I don't have to take it.  But come spring, summer and fall, well....  They were having a promotion to raise money to help Children's Hospital so I got a couple of soft pretzels for lunch to help them out.  It's been a long time since I had a pretzel.  Not working at the library anymore I'm not in on the pretzel days.  It was so good.  I put mustard on mine, but Joe is a purist.

And now I have to end and start dinner.  I didn't get anything out of the freezer so I will have to be creative tonight.

Have a good evening everyone.



  1. Love the sunrise photo...and the haircut! Looks so super on you! It frames your face...really neat.Seeing the photo makes me want a soft pretzel. I like them either way,with or without mustard. Have a beautiful day! woof

  2. Your stylist did a great job and your new haircut looks wonderful, Kathy. We also like soft pretzels!

  3. The cut and color look great. Have a blessed Easter.

  4. You look marvelous---perfect framing for your face, and the colour is lovely.

    Happy Easter to you and all your Dearies!


  5. HI Kathy! Oh, that sunrise snap is just gorgeous! Your new hair cut looks gorgeous on you! I like your glasses too! You'll look all pretty for Easter! I cut my own hair and since I wear it so short, I have to cut it all the time. It's beginning to stick out at my neckline so I guess I had better get busy and do some chopping! Happy Easter, sweet friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I like your hair do and you look nice in your glasses. My hair is shoulder length and I wear is pulled up which I like. Easier for me than messing with it in a.m. as shorter curly hair on me doesn't work well. I like pretzels like that too. I used to get Aunt Annie's pretzels but they're expensive now. Once in awhile Megan and I will get one to share. Have a blessed Easter!

  7. I love the new doo, it suits so well,, the color is lovely,,
    I have never had a soft baked pretzel,, its on my bucket list lol, take care my friend,,

  8. I am so sure you are my friend's doppleganger! And NOW even more so with your new haircut.

    Have a Blessed Easter, my friend!


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