Monday, November 18, 2013


Can you believe it?  It seems like just last week I was on the beach at Ocean City with the whole summer in front of me and now it's almost Thanksgiving.  Do you have your plans made for the day?  Are you cooking?  Or are you going somewhere?  I'd love to hear your plans.

Joe and I are doing something different.  For the first time we are spending Thanksgiving in Lancaster, PA.  We are going to one of our favorite places, Hershey Farm.  We are actually staying in the same room we stayed in for our anniversary this year and we are having dinner at their restaurant.  I actually don't like turkey, so I am planning on having fried chicken.  Yum.  We are very excited about doing this.  Since I am working on Saturday I will have Friday off and so we are going to hit the outlets on Black Friday.  We should get some fantastic deals and we have promised ourselves to get all of our Christmas shopping done that day (except for a few stocking stuffers) so we can enjoy the rest of the season.

So today was rather quiet at the library until around 4 p.m.  Then it seems all the kids in the neighborhood showed up and the noise level went up considerably.  We had the dietician from Shop Rite come to do a program on healthy eating.  She gave a talk about what to eat and then cooked some things for the kids.  It seemed to be a popular program.  You had to sign up for it ahead of time which was a good thing because I think every kid in the neighborhood would have shown up otherwise.

Speaking of eating, I'm heading out to make dinner for us.  Turkey burgers, garlic bread and fries.  Sounds good.  Then I have to make a treat for Bible study tomorrow and get everything ready for that. Besides straightening up things upstairs for the plumber coming on Friday. I have a lot to do tonight.  So I've really got to get off of here and get busy.

Until later...
Today's weather:
High:  68 degrees
Low:  39 degrees
Sunrise:  6:49 a.m.
Sunset:  4:41 p.m.
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  1. For several years I used to spend Thanksgiving in Hershey, and we hit the outlets on Black Friday, too. We used to stay at the Hershey Lodge or Hotel Hershey and would enjoy a great turkey dinner. I really miss it. For the last six years I have been hosting Thanksgiving. It is one of my most favorite meals to prepare. xo

  2. We are eating at our house, with our children and grandchildren. Maybe my brother. I picked up our meal deal from grocery store after work today. Our boss always gets us one each year. A ham, turkey, potatoes, and a few canned to us! I needed to buy a few things anyway. Sounds like a good time for you and Joe. Some years ago we went out for thanksgiving, which was rather nice. One place where my brother lives, servea free thanksgiving meal to anyone. Nice!

  3. My husband & I are going somewhere local to eat out. In past years,I cooked
    & loved it but for just him & I.....It's really a waste as we're not big fans of turkey. His family lives in upstate Pa & it's really too far to travel.Plus our house is too small for much company. "Cozy" suits us.
    On the flip side,Russ will be a decorating dynamo for Christmas! We do the front windows but inside there'll be garland draped from ceiling corner to corner,wound around shelves,cutouts & plastic on the stairs & walls....By the time he's done ,there are no empty walls! It looks like a christmas store invaded by living room! I must admit ,it does look beautiful....
    A very happy & safe Thanksgiving to all!

  4. I will be going to my daughter's home and three of my four children who are close by will be there. Some of the Grands will be there and of course tiny toddler Grandson!
    Your post was delightful and UP this morning. A nice way to start my day!

  5. Kathy,
    I will be going to my daughter Lizzy's....she will have us all there for Thanksgiving and then we have Christmas at Angie's. I used to have everyone come to my I tell the girls they can have the dinners....we all pitch in and bring things and when dinner is over they split all the everyone has a great time. Not just one person cleaning house before and after and cooking the meals. Not the like the old days with me. I taught my daughters to jump right in with the clean up and dishes too. Blessings to you and Joe ...I know you will have a special time together.. xoxo,Susie


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