Wednesday, November 20, 2013


OK, I told you I was going to show you pictures of the two things I bought last night.  The first one is this cute elf that counts down the days to Christmas.  I have wanted one for so long.  I have it set at 36 days, which was yesterday, but realized that the numbers on the cubes don't let me count down 35, 34 or 33.  So I have to wait till day 32 to really start the countdown.  But the way time is flying that won't be too long.  This weekend in fact.  I posted the picture on facebook and my daughter-in-law informed me that she needed one of these elves in the care package I'm sending to her.  So guess I'm going back to get another one.

The other thing I got was this beautiful reindeer.
 A couple of months after Joe and I got married we went to Lancaster, PA for a weekend.  The hotel we stayed at had a little gift shop in it.  We went in one day and I fell in love with these two little reindeer.  One was sitting (like this one) and one was standing.  They were a little expensive, but I fell in love with them, bought them, and put them on the little shelf above the sofa in my living room.  They didn't have a wreath around the neck like this one so I was able to leave them out year round.  I never got tired of looking at them and feeling them because they had the greatest texture.  But one day I was moving the sofa to get behind it and the shelf fell off of the wall.  The deer fell too, of course, and smashed to bits on the wooden floor.  I was heartbroken.  We went back to the gift shop, but they no longer sold them.  I have been looking for replacements for a long time.  They are hard to find.  Whenever I did see them, they were way out of my price range.  Last night I found ones I could afford at Rite Aid.  There were several standing ones, but only one sitting one.  So I got the sitting one and when I get paid I will go back and get the standing one.  It isn't the same, but very close.

I am getting tired of my autumn decorations.  Yes, me, the girl who loves autumn.  I'm tired of orange, yellow and brown.  I want to get some sparkly decorations around.  I think when I come home on the day after Thanksgiving I will start decorating the living room.  It takes me a while to decorate.  I do one room at a time.  And I have to totally clean everything.  I may get done by NEXT Christmas at the rate I'm going.

So on that note I am going to get off of here and get some things done.  I am reading to the pre-schoolers at church tomorrow.  I have a bunch of Thanksgiving books for them and a turkey for them to color.  I hope some show up.  I always have fun doing it.

Hope you all have a nice night and a good Thursday.

Thanksgiving Trivia Question:
 What did the Pilgrims call their new colony?
          a)  Plymouth Colony
          b)  New Haven Colony
          c)  Salem Colony
          d)  Hopewell Colony
 Answer tomorrow. 
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  1. Kathy I love your finds..but how can you be already tired of fall? I wish it were fall all year long. I have already seen people take out thier Christmas lights neigborput up her tree already. I think its crazy ..
    Have a great day tommmow. .ps this is the only time I can catch up on blogs its 11.16 next feeding is at 12am I might as stay up.

  2. I love the deer! I can understand about you falling in love with them.That is the thing with some store (items). If you don't get it when you see it,a lot of times it's
    gone when you go back. Price is also a big factor. There was a cute ceramic
    scarecrow couple in Rite Aid I thought was adorable! However,the figurine was too
    wide to put in the window & our bookcase has enough on it. Oh well.....
    Have a gorgeous day!


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