Friday, November 15, 2013


First of all, I want to thank everyone for your incredible support of me.  I've had this new blog up for less than a month and already I have 11 followers and over 600 views.  This is so incredible for me and I thank you so very, very much.

And now it's back to my Friday views.  I intend to continue it over here with a Philly Friday thrown in here and there.

Since it is Friday and I am not working on Saturday it's back to Fishtown Branch today.  I posted pictures of Fishtown before, but it's been awhile so this is sort of a repeat.

This is the Fishtown Branch:

google image
It doesn't look much like a library because it started life in the 19th century being a stable for the police horses.  The police station is right next door.  You can see the parking lot to the left of the building and the police station behind the library (near the white car).

Here are some pictures that I took of the inside of the library.

This is taken from the front desk.  We have a little balcony area that holds the fiction and teen books.  The kids in the after school program made these fish out of paper plates to decorate the bottom of the balcony.

This is the children's area.  The fish are wooden cut outs and the waves are made of neon lights.  So cool looking when the overhead lights are out.

This is taken from the front door.  You can see the balcony area better here.  The round desk is the librarian's desk.  The check in/out is to the right.  That's where I am.
It's a tiny library (probably the smallest in Philly) but a nice place to work.

Now it's off to get breakfast, take my shower, and get myself together for work.  I have to run to the bank first, so I'd better get moving.

Until later...


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  1. I know I've said this before but I really like the Fishtown building!
    What a fine looking old building and so beautiful inside.

  2. Kathy, Being by the police station is good. I'd like to see pictures of the buildings in your town. It's fun to visit via photos. Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. Thank you SO much for coming over to join us at LAWN TEA!! I've been peeking at the counter for a little while, for it's been set on 99 for some while now. So you are #100---nice.

    And LIBRARIES ARE MAGIC. They're just like stepping into a combination of Treasure Chest, Aladdin's Cave, Dream Machine, and Wonderland, all at once. And you can take the treasures HOME. And enjoy them right there, with all the nice Keepers of the Flame to help you and tell you stories and show you magical things.

    The first library I remember outside our little school was the town depot, after the stationmaster's family moved away. It was a pale, smoky green square building, with remnants of the mail-train history, and big windows all the way around, like a cupola.

    The floors creaked and the trains still passed, swaying the shelves and making the books dance sometimes, but it was sheer HEAVEN, for I lived just a block away, so could carry a BIG armful home at a time, and return them the same day if I wanted, to get more.

    Lovely memories.


  4. Here I am! I found you!! :):)
    What a sweet is just adorable. The outside area is so old fashioned looking and I love it! The best of luck with your new blog, dear! Have fun!

  5. I LOVE libraries. They are worth volumes (pun intended!;>) xo Diana

  6. I LOVE the Fishtown branch! I've only gotten there a few times but it is a booklover's dream. Rachel,you captured it exactly.The stairway to the balcony winds upward with many shelves to explore.....the fish are cute too!
    Thanks for the tour!


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