Sunday, November 3, 2013



I didn't.  Not yet.  But I remembered that the time changed so does that count?  I have nine clocks to change and will get through it one at a time.  The hard part is making them all the same time!  It usually takes me about a week to make them all line up.  Ha, ha!

I think I've written to everyone on my old blog (or at least everyone I had an email address for) and I see that some of you have found me here.  Hurray!  I'm hoping to transfer everyone over here.  I am feeling really good about a new blog, heading into a new holiday season and leading up to a new year.  Maybe this was the best thing for me.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud they say. If you could see me, you would see there's a smile on my face.

I had left over meatloaf so made sandwiches for lunch after church.  They turned out so good.  It was as good, if not better, than the original meal.  I got little steaks out for dinner.  I am going to try to make Steak Diane for dinner.  I'm saying "try" because I have never made it before.  This will be interesting.  But I'm always willing to try something new.  The recipe sounds good and if it turns out, I will post it later this week.

I have just laid around all weekend.  Oh well, everyone needs some down time.  But now I have to get myself in gear and get some stuff done before I go to bed tonight.  I always have trouble when the time changes.  It's like having jet lag (I guess).  Heading out to make dinner and change those clocks!

Have a nice night everyone.  Thanks for all your kind and loving messages.  They mean more to me than you could ever imagine.  Keep reading because I have some great posts planned for later this week.

Today's weather:  
Mostly cloudy
High:  56 degrees
Low:  31 degrees
Sunrise:  6:32 a.m.
Sunset:  4:55 p.m.
10 hours and 23 minutes of daylight


  1. I found you, Kathy. Thanks for letting me know your new addy. xo Diana

    1. I'm so glad you found me too! Thanks for following again.

  2. Our clocks changed the previous weekend, so already we are getting used to the darker evenings. I always manage to forget about one clock. We drove around yesterday thinking it was an hour later than it was because I hadn't altered the clock in my car!

    1. I tried to change the clock in my car yesterday and the button is broken so I can't do it. So I'm going to be driving around like that too! Maybe I'll get to things an hour early instead of always being late.

  3. Found you! Being a 'dog person' helps sometimes. Ha ha! You certainly do deserve some downtime. My hubby's got a cold:congestion,headache ugh! So he's a little 'off'.' Take care of yourself.
    The time change affects a lot of things. It usually takes me a little over a week to totally settle into it. I noticed my 3 dogs were anticipating dinner at the 'old' time. It may only be an hour but....And having flown frequently in years past,it is just like jet lag.
    Enjoy the colors!

    1. Glad you found me! I'm like your dogs. I want my dinner an hour earlier too. Ha, ha.


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