Friday, November 22, 2013


Can you believe this?  Just where did this year go?  Every year I say the time just flies by and this year it certainly did for me.

I planned a Preschool storytime for this morning at church, but no one turned up.  Oh, yes, one person -- Pastor Justin.  But since he's a little older than the 2-5 year olds I was looking for, he didn't count.  Oh well, next month I am doing a Christmas storytime and hopefully someone will show up for that.  Then I am taking some months off and will do it again in April for Easter.  I did, however, still color a turkey which you can see on the right hand side.  I got carried away, though, and it looks more like a peacock than a turkey.  *Sigh*

We had a magician come to do a program at the library today.  He was very good.  There were about 100 children there as well as lots of adults.

Besides doing tricks he promoted literacy, telling the kids the best magic was in a book which could take you anywhere in the world or even beyond.  It could take you to yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I liked the way he put everything together.

On the way to work today I took some pictures of the trees while they still have some color.  A lot of the trees are completely bare now.  We had a very windy weekend and I guess that was enough to take all the leaves away.

One of the best things about autumn for me is....

At dinner time I went to Rite Aid because my daughter-in-law, Christi, wanted an elf Christmas countdown like I bought.  But they were all out.  So I got a snowman which is every bit as cute.  I am going to keep the snowman and send the elf on to her.  She needs a little cheering up and I think the elf is the perfect thing to do that. 

I'm going to go get dinner ready.  Hope you got yesterday's trivia question right.  Here's today's question.  I little harder I think.

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz
The answer to yesterday's question is:
          Plymouth Colony
Today's question:
Friendly natives from which tribe were invited to the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving celebration?
          a)  Wampanoag
          b)  Iroquois
          c)  Patauxet
          d)  Algonquin 
Answer tomorrow.  (I got this one wrong.)
Today's weather:
Sunny turning cloudy
High:  55 degrees
Low:  29 degrees
Sunrise:  6:52 a.m.
Sunset:  4:39 p.m.
9 hours and 47 minutes of daylight
Waning gibbous moon


  1. Love your photos Kathy. Sounds like the magician was very good. We need to encourage children to read more....since they seem to be plugged in all the time. xoxo,Susie

  2. Nice leaves. I was driving to see my mom this a.m. The breeze was blowing leaves off trees, making them fall like snowflakes would. It was interesting! Off for a quick walk before it gets dark! Hugs!


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