Sunday, May 13, 2012


I haven't done a Sunday garden post in months.  Guess that's because there really isn't much out there in the winter months but dead looking plants and brown grass.  But now the things are really blooming and it is so beautiful (except for the weeds).

Yesterday I went to the plant sale at the Tacony Library (where I worked before Richmond).  I always buy from them.  They have good prices and beautiful plants.  I got impatiens, basil, oregano, coleus, tomatoes and eggplant.  Most of them are planted, but I left the veggies to do today because I'm not really sure where I want to put them.

Here are some pictures for you of how beautiful it is out there right now.

Roses are everywhere.

This one is Joe's favorite.

This is a miniature rose.  I took a close-up so it looks large, but this is really quite small.

This is my favorite -- the peace rose.

An old-fashioned and very fragrant rose.

These are only some of the roses.  I have nine rosebushes.  The peace roses were so pretty that I cut some for inside the house.  I love looking at them.

The irises aren't doing too good this year.  I got only a few to bloom.

Here are the new impatiens.  They sort of wilted in the heat yesterday.  I watered them in good, so I hope they look better when I go out in the yard today.

The coleus was sort of wilted too.  Again, I watered them in well, so here's hoping they are better today.  They are little now, but by the end of the summer they will be enormous.

My favorite part of the year has started.  I plan on enjoying every minute I can in my garden.

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  1. Roses are so beautiful! I've been meaning to pick me up a rosebush and have yet to do it! Your's look amazing!!! I did get a new Hanging Basket for Mother's Day and I love it! You will have to look at my post. There is a pic of it :)


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