Friday, May 18, 2012


I haven't given you a Friday view in a long time.  So today I thought I would show you the branch of the library that I work at on Fridays.  It is the Fishtown Community Branch.

Most people don't think it looks like a library.  In fact, a lot of people walk right on by without realizing it is there.  If it looks a little strange to you, it does so for a good reason.  This building was not made to be a library.  At one time it was a stable for the police horses.  (The police station is right next door -- you can see the parking lot next to the building.)  Imagine that!

Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia.  In fact, it is one of the oldest neighborhoods.  A lot of historic buildings and places are here.  I thought since I posted the "What I'm Reading" post about Fishtown, you might like to see this.

You can compare it to my usual branch (Richmond Branch) and you will see the great difference.

Only two more days until I go away on vacation.  And of course this day is going so slowly.  Well, only 3 more hours till I get to go home.  Then the fun (if you call cleaning the house and packing fun) begins.


  1. How fun!
    The buildings are beautiful.
    I really like the Fishtown building. Great history.

  2. I remember when I visited the Fishtown branch,the stairs to the upper floor reminded me of a house.
    I guess that would've been where the stableman would have lived.
    Just think,cleaning now means you won't have to do it when you get back! Ha ha!


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