Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Joe has met a lot of famous people.  More so than most anyone I know.  He tells me stories about meeting them.  So I thought I would start a little series on famous people Joe has met.  This will be a now and then thing.  When he tells me about someone, I will pass it on to you.  Last night Joe told me about how he met the founder of the chicken empire -- Frank Purdue.

Joe was working as a baker at Acme Markets here in Philadelphia.  He was walking down a hallway during his break time when he saw this man coming towards him.  He immediately recognized him as Frank Purdue.  Mr. Purdue stopped him and asked if he could talk to him for a minute.

Joe told him it was a pleasure to meet him as he had seen him only on TV.  Mr. Purdue asked Joe what he thought of putting his chickens under pink lights.  The meat department manager was urging him to do this.

Joe said that when he bought chicken he knew the tricks that the meat department played and always brought the meat or chicken out to the middle of the aisle under a clear light to make sure he knew what the real color of the meat/chicken was.  He knew of other people who did this too.  "Also," said Joe, "I was a cook in the Marine Corps for four years.  I've cooked lots of chicken.  The pink lights are to make the meat look redder.  Chicken isn't supposed to be red."

"Thank you, son," said Mr. Purdue.  He had been opposed to the pink lights.  He said he produced only quality products and he wanted just a plain florescent light on his chickens.

Purdue chickens are always seen under clear lights.

More stories to come.


  1. How cool- I've never really met anyone famous except for John Travolta back years ago!

  2. I think meeting John Travolta is pretty cool too!

  3. I agree.Meeting anyone famous is cool.I've met authors Tess Gerritson,Judith McNaught,Sherrilyn
    Kenyon(among others),cover model Fabio (we talked about his 4 great danes)but my favorite? Moose aka
    Eddie the dog from Frazier. What
    can I say? I LOVE dogs!!
    WAY cool for Joe!!


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