Friday, May 4, 2012


What a day.  I never stopped running.  I started out by making "egg in the hole" for Joe and me for breakfast.  I saw it on "Pioneer Woman" last week and tried it.  It has become my new favorite breakfast.  First you cut a hole in a piece of bread with a cookie cutter.

Then you put it in a skillet with some butter and break an egg in the hole that you cut.  Salt and pepper the egg.  Cook it for two minutes, then flip it and cook for one to two minutes on the other side.  Be sure to cook the "hole" too.


It is very, very good.  Yummy.  Sigh.  I will wait till tomorrow for another one.

After breakfast we went to get Joe's new glasses.  He looks really good in them.  I will have to take a picture for you to see.  Most importantly he sees so much better.

Then we met my friend Carol for lunch.  She was working at the Northeast Regional Library which is across the street from Eye Options.  We went to meet her and got to see/talk to a bunch of other people too.  We went to Mario Brothers (a pizza/sandwich place) for lunch.  While we were eating we heard a crash and turned around to see a car had rear-ended another one.  The rear car must have been really moving because its airbags had deployed.  Wow!

After lunch we went to Wal-Mart and looked at wireless printers.  We didn't get one, though, because we want to go to Target and compare printers and prices.  But we did get the food we needed so we didn't have to go to another store.  Plus a few more things too.  You can't go into Wal-Mart without spending money!

From there we went to Lowe's for Joe to get some wire to finally finish the heater job at church.  He also got a new doorbell for us.  Our doorbell broke about 15-20 years ago and even though I have asked many people to fix it for me, no one ever did.  Joe says he can do it and I believe him!  He is good at fixing things.

We went home then.  We were both really tired.  We put the food away and then both of us took a nap.

We couldn't sleep long, though, because we were going out with our friends Charlie and Clara for dinner.  They were picking us up at 5:30 p.m.  We went to the Oregon Diner (on Oregon Avenue) in South Philly.

Everyone had been there before except for me.  The food was really good.  I got a tuna sandwich that was so huge that I was able to eat only half of it and am saving the other half for lunch at work tomorrow.

So now we are home and having a really severe thunderstorm.  We really need the rain, but I hope the thunder and lightening stops soon.  Since I have to work tomorrow I think I will be heading for bed soon.  I have to go back to work to rest!


  1. Hi Kathy,

    I just read thru the first three post (probably the 1st page before I would need to do something techono-deebish which I am so!) not going there right now! I can tell we are very very different BUT you resonated with me and I do love me some Pioneer Women recipes altho I seriously have grown very tired of cooking adn preparing meals over the years. Give me a good diner anyday!

    I live in Delaware so pretty close right? have lived here all my life as well as my husband! He has never left (so far as living) and myself only for a very short college stint.

    I love to read just about any thing (different things hold my interest at different times, read blogs, and spend as much time as possible getting to know my God, my Savior, and Love of my life and then living for Him.
    I also love the beach, and any trip that takes me away from my absurd and Insanely busy life in this house! It's a busy life.

    So a very short, abbreviated look at who I am! Lots left out of course. maybe on purpose?, I don't really know? Have a nice vacation with your friends. Feel free to email me (I know! so old school! back at any time) I started a blog a few years ago but consistency was a huge problem for me, I do love to write tho. My friends call me wordy, imagine!

  2. Kim, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I tried to find your email address to write to you, but I couldn't. So I hope you will read this and send me your address at Just let me know it's you in the subject line so it doesn't go to spam! I'd love to have a chance to get to know you.


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