Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday was my 4 month visit to my oncologist.  I'm always nervous going there because I don't know what he is going to say to me.  This time it was GOOD NEWS!  Everything is up to normal in my blood levels.  It is almost 5 years since my breast cancer and in September he is taking me off of my cancer medication.  No signs of anything returning or anything bad going on.  I am so HAPPY!

I had to get my Zometa infusion.  I get it every 6 months to help with my calcium.  I hate doing it, but today it was a breeze.  Everything was going good for me.  I got to talk with one of my favorite nurses so that was a plus.

Joe went with me.  I always feel better when he is there to keep me company.  So after we were done, he treated me to a hoagie for lunch.  What a guy!

I felt well enough that I went to work for the rest of the day.  I missed only 1/2 hour of work.  It was an OK day at work too.  But by the end of the day I was very tired.  So glad that I had off today.  Even though there is a lot of running around to do.

For those of my blogging friends who do not see my posts on Facebook, yesterday I was fooling around at dinner time and thought I would try some different templates on my blog.  I tried the classic, and it stuck.  But some of the keys were not showing so I was unable to post, change it, turn it back, NOTHING.  I panicked.  Fortunately my co-worker Diane was able to figure it out (even though she doesn't have a blog).  Bless her!  So this is how my blog is staying for the time being.  It will be awhile before I try to change it again.

We have to run.  I will try to post about my day today later.  It's going to be a full one.  LOTS to do.

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