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About the book:

Few events capture the world's heart like a British royal wedding -- even more so when it is the first wedding of a future British king to a commoner in more than 350 years.  This richly illustrated keepsake book commemorates Prince William's fairy tale romance with Kate Middleton, and their spectacular nuptials at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

Through more than 200 spectacular photographs, William and Catherine recounts the couple's wildly different childhoods, their romance and engagement, the events leading up to the wedding, and the grand affair itself.  Here are the massive crowds lining the parade route, the sparkling celebrities at Westminster Abbey, the bride's spectacular gown, "The Kisses" on Buckingham Palace's balcony, and the worldwide celebrations.  Also included is a brief pictorial history of British royal weddings from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840 to Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981.

With fascinating detailed captions and a foreword by renowned royal watcher Robert Jobson, author of Willliam and Kate, The Love Story and royal correspondent for four major British newspapers, this book magnificently illustrates the pomp, the pagentry, the history and enchantment of the romance that charmed the world.

My thoughts:

I loved this book.  Tons and tons of pictures.  The best part to me, however, was the history part.  I loved seeing pictures of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and all the royals in between.  I loved seeing the gowns, reading the stories and imagining how it all played out in those past years.

The pictures of William and Catherine were the same ones we have been seeing all along in all the magazines and books that have been published.  It flowed smoothly, however, so it wasn't boring to see them all again.  Even though I got this out of the library, if I were a real royal watcher, it is a book I would consider buying.  As it is, I enjoyed reading (and looking) at it.

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