Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi, I'm Jenny.  I'm a black cat who lives with my Daddy and Mommy.  I like to lay in the sun on their bed.  Mostly on Mommy's side.  That way I can cuddle up to my Daddy and make him pet me over and over while he is trying to sleep.  There are priorities in life, you know.

I love the sun inside the house.  But I am very afraid to go outside.  Who knows what would happen to me there.

 Last night Mommy was very late getting home from that place she calls "work".  She had some bags with her full of food.  Maybe there was something in there for me!  Daddy went to the door, held it open while she was parking and then went out to help her bring the bags inside.  I wanted to help too!  When Daddy wasn't looking I went outside to see what I could do.

But there were strange smells and sounds out there.  I got scared.  I ran for this alleyway I saw next to Daddy and Mommy's house.  I thought I could escape to the back yard and be safe.  But there was a gate there.  I was very scared.  I cried and cried.

Mommy asked Daddy where I was.  He said, "Upstairs."  She said, "Are you sure?  I hear a cat crying and it sounds like Jenny."  She looked down the alleyway.  It was very dark.  All she could see was my eyes shining.  She told Daddy she saw a cat in the alley.  Daddy walked down the alley, calling my name.  I was very scared.  I was probably in big trouble.  But Daddy picked me up (I never let anyone pick me up) and carried me into the house.  I was so relieved to be rescued I actually held onto his shoulder.

Mommy kept asking Daddy if it was really me or just a cat that looked like me.  Doesn't she recognize her own child?  I showed her.  I went over to my treat container and begged for something to eat.  After all, I had to keep up my strength after such a harrowing experience.

I think it will be a long time before I venture outside again.


  1. OmG! Such a heartwarming story Kathy..LOVED IT!!! You should write books! lol SERIOUSLY! Jenny is so beautiful. It was cute the way you wrote the story by Jenny's perspective. WONDERFUL!!! Good job Kathy! ;) (Keep up the good work!)

  2. Awww so glad you all found her safe & sound! She's a beauty :)

  3. That's a cute story. Jenny is such a sweet cat. Joe weould be lost without his buddy.

  4. It must have been soo scary for her! She must have been very glad to see Joe! It was great to put the story from her perspective.


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