Saturday, September 24, 2016


Hello, Piglet!  Happy fall to you!  Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a jackhammer.  Several in fact.  How would you like to wake up to the sound of the street next to you being torn up to put in new sewer pipes?


It was not fun.  They were there yesterday too.  Our street has been dug up for weeks now.  I hope it doesn't last too much longer.

It was so early that I actually watched the sun come up while they were working.

It was a lazy day for me.  I didn't sleep well so I really didn't get going until around noon.  And now I'm ready for bed again.  But I have some things to do first.

I got another gift from Joe.  When he found out the first cutting board was a tray, he bought me three more.  And then another one which I didn't photo.  Joe!  You broke only one cutting board.  You really didn't have to buy me five to replace it.  But I love them.

I've got to go get ready for tomorrow.  It seems as if the weeks just fly by.  Busy week next week too.

Until later...

Sunrise:  6:50 a.m.
Sunset:  6:58 p.m.
12 hours and 8 minutes of daylight
Temperature: 78*/54*

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Same to you Pooh Bear.  Pooh has always been a favorite of mine ever since I first met him in third grade.  I even have a stuffed Pooh sitting beside my bed.

It was very warm for the first day of Autumn.  In fact it got up to 84* which is 11 degrees above normal.  Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 89*.  I'll take it.  Soon it will be cold and dark.  Already it gets dark before I make dinner.

But the sunsets are spectacular.  Here's one from the other day.

We had chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad and coconut custard pie for dinner.  A little heavy on the carbs but that's OK for one meal.  I'll do better tomorrow.  It was good.

I got my nails done too.  This month's color is Julep's Zori.  I thought it was brown and here it turned out to be pink.  But I like it a lot. (Yes, there are gold sparkles in it.)  I think it looks very fall-like.

I got a surprise tonight.  On Sunday my cutting board broke.  I had had it for years and it was my favorite.  Not that I don't have any others.  Joe felt bad about it so he bought me another one.  And not just a cutting board, this also serves as a tray.  It has a rim around it and each corner is a spout to pour any liquid into a container.  I love black and white things.  I think they look elegant.  And I just love this cutting board tray.  I'm going to use it to take treats to church for Fellowship Time.

I'm going to head for bed now.  I'm so tired today.  Have a good night everyone.

Sunrise:  6:48 a.m.
Sunset:  6:56 p.m.
12 hours and 8 minutes of daylight
Temperature:  84*/60*


I just love my friend Marianne's story of this boy who takes things literally.
June 18
12-yr-old Labicq, a Bangladesh boy, was volunteering at our Summer Reading Game Table. He is very literal, and often doesn't get implied humor or metaphor or commonly used idioms. He was very patient with some of our more difficult customers as he explained our Summer Reading Game rules. One woman, a Puerto Rican, seemed to give him a particularly difficult time, all due to language issues, hers as well as his. I made a joke saying, "Are we all speaking English right now?" The woman laughed, but he said, "Ms. B, what language did you think we were speaking?" After the exchange was over, I told him he was a very good sport. His response: "Actually, Ms. B, I'm not very good at sports!"