Friday, October 20, 2017


Did you all watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" tonight?  Joe and I did.  We figured out it has been playing for 51 years and I think we have watched it every year.  If we missed it, it was probably only one or two years.  Yes we can recite it from memory, but we still watch it and love it.

There was a beautiful sunrise yesterday morning.  One of the prettiest I've seen in a long time.  The sky was really more pink than it shows in these pictures.

The day was beautiful too.  Nice and warm and sunny.  We worked out in the yard a bit.  It's still getting cleaned up.  We had a lot of trash to put out.  Today is trash day and it's on the sidewalk.  I hope they take it all because it is more than the five bags we are allowed.  The fence will be going up in the next few days.  My gazing ball is back in place and so is my earth box.  You can see the little dish of food and water I leave out for the stray cats of the neighborhood.

The patio still needs some work, but at least all the trash bags are gone.  It should be looking good by this time next week.

After dinner last night I attacked my kitchen counter.  It was really bad.  Joe helped me a LOT.  He's such a good husband, always there to give me a hand.  Here is a before picture.

And here is the after.  Quite a change, isn't it.

I can't do a lot at once, but every little bit helps.
I'm going to try to attack the fridge and the kitchen table later today.

And now I've got to run.  I have to take Joe to a doctor's appointment.  Hope you all have a good day.


The days are so short now.
     Sunrise:  7:17 a.m.
     Sunset:  6:14 p.m.
     10 hours and 57 minutes of daylight
      Temperature: 74*F, 23*C

Thursday, October 19, 2017


 A lot of people have asked me for my recipe for my World Famous Potato Salad.  I finally made it the other night and took pictures all the way through to show you how it is done.  There really is no recipe.  I just do whatever.  A lot is just your taste.  So I hope you can all follow along.

Start by getting your potatoes together.  I have a variety of potatoes here -- red white and blue.  BUT most of the time I use all the same potato.  Basically, I use whatever I have in the house.

Next peel the potatoes.  Some people like to leave the peel on.  If you do, just wash them well.  It's a very forgiving recipe.

Dice the potatoes into the size you want in the salad.  But don't cut them tiny or you will have mashed potatoes when it is mixed together.  If you want mashed potatoes, it is still good too.  I know because it has happened to me.

Boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes or until they are done.

Drain the potatoes and put them into a dish large enough to hold the salad.

Take an onion, peel it, and slice as much as you want to add.  Like onion?  Do a lot.  Not so much?  Do a little.  My sister can't eat onion so she omits it and it still turns out.  I cut them in medium sized pieces.  Do it however large or small you want.  Sometimes if I don't have an onion I use dried onion flakes and that works too.

Mix the potatoes and onions together.  Then get the rest of your ingredients together:  Salt, pepper, celery salt, mayo, and Italian salad dressing.

I add salt, pepper and celery salt then add two tablespoons of mayo and one tablespoon of dressing.  Mix together and taste.  Add more of these ingredients as needed until it tastes right (or good to you).  Warning:  it is very easy to add too much salt and too much salad dressing and then it tastes awful.  I would highly recommend no more than one tablespoon of the dressing per four servings of salad.  I added too much one time and it tasted like vinegar.  Also I tend to add too much salt/celery salt and it gets too salty.  Like I did the other night.  I like salt, but it was too salty even for me.  Just be careful.

And that's it.  Put it in the fridge to cool and serve when cold.

It really isn't much of a recipe since mainly it's by taste, but hope those of you who asked how I make it will try it.  It is very good.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It is getting cooler here, but certainly not cold.  I do, however, have to wear my sweater jacket that I got in Tennessee when I go out in the morning, but by afternoon it is too warm for it.

This is a low key week and I am glad of it.  Next week, however, there are a couple of days of running.  Joe is having cataract surgery on his left eye next Tuesday the 24th.  A month later he will have surgery on his right eye.  His diabetes has caught up with him but fortunately it has not attacked his retina so we are very grateful.  He has not seen well for over a month now and is looking forward to being able to see and read again.  I keep telling him he might be disappointed when he sees what I really look like.

Image result for laughing face 
 Look what Joe got me the other day.  Halloween Peeps!  You know I love those Peeps.  These were Jack-o-Lanterns and Ghosts.

 I finally got my shelf all ready for fall.  The pumpkins are from last year's Harvest Day at church.  I bought them for the tables and brought them home when the day was over.  The Harvest sign is from Target this year.

My front door is decorated for Halloween.  I'm not a big Halloween person so just a few things are around.

I bought these little scarecrows at Rite Aid.  They were so cute.  They will stay up until Thanksgiving is over.

This is on my kitchen windowsill.  Another Target buy.

Also from Target is this apple swag.  It is battery operated and lights up.

There's still more to go, but I'm getting there.