Thursday, March 22, 2018


It snowed yesterday.  And not just a little bit.  The snow from Tuesday continued the entire day on Wednesday.  Prayer and Bible Study was cancelled last night.  Most of the time it was very heavy and kept piling up.

I looked out of the window while I was making breakfast and saw all of the birds at the feeder.  I'm so glad to have a camera again so I could capture the moment.

This little guy liked standing on the edge of the earthbox. I guess he didn't want cold feet standing in the snow.

Here he is again.

Waiting for breakfast.  See all the leaf buds on the trees?

Look at this little bird.  At first I thought it was a female cardinal.  Then I wasn't sure.  Now seeing it up close I think it is again.  What do you think?

Still not really sure.

This was the yard late morning taken through the kitchen window.

And the holly tree in the neighbor's yard.

By afternoon there was even more snow.

And still the snow comes down.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Yep.  That's about the size of it.  It began about 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday as we were leaving Ladies Bible Study and is supposed to snow all through today.  The prediction is for 10-14 inches (25-35 cm) with freezing rain.  I have a file with pictures that I get off of facebook and the internet.  When I see something cute, I save it.  I was looking for a picture for the first day of Spring but when I saw this, I knew it was perfect for today.

After study Debbie and I went to the new ShopRite.  Have I told you how in love with this store I am?  Well I'm telling you now.  It is the absolute best grocery store I have ever been in.  When we approached the entrance an attendant came up to us, greeted us, and asked if he could get us a cart.  Why yes, thank you!  We enter this beautiful clean building with the freshest fruit, veggies and meat I have ever seen.  There's a beautiful ceiling to floor waterfall facing you as you walk in.  Customer service is above and beyond.  I was getting two cases of water when an employee walked up to me and insisted on putting the water into the cart for me because they were heavy.  He was the same one who had answered all of our questions about where certain products were.  The cashier was so friendly on the way out.  And when we got to the car, an attendant unloaded the cart for us, packed the trunk, took the cart back to the store and wished us a great day.  Wow!

By this time it was snowing pretty badly and we had to make a quick stop at Target so we were on our way.  I had to return something and Debbie was just getting one item so I waited for her in Starbucks.  Here's the view out of the window.

Then I took Debbie home and headed home myself.  Yes, folks, it's snowing...again.

But let's go back to St. Patrick's Day.  A much calmer day.

It was a very low-key day.  We were scheduled to go to a Day of Prayer at one of our churches in Allentown, PA but Joe has been having a bad reaction to a new medication and so we decided it would be best to stay home.  He went last year and really enjoyed it so was very disappointed.  He ended up sleeping most of the day and I ended up cleaning.  I will get things done around here.  But we did do some Irish things.  I wore one of my Irish t-shirts.

For dinner I made a boiled meal of ham, potatoes and green beans.

And, of course, Irish tea from my favorite tea mug.

I didn't have any, but Joe enjoyed some ice cream for dessert.

I am so enjoying my new camera.  It has now been 5 weeks and no sign of my other one.  The new one has all kinds of special features.  One of them is that you aim at a subject and press the shutter button.  It will automatically take six pictures with all different effects.  Here's what happened when I took Joe in church on Sunday.  The first picture is what I actually saw and was taking.

Very cool!  I really should read the book that came with it and find out what else it can do.

And with that I am headed to bed.  I slept for most of the evening, but I think I can get a few more hours sleep before it's time to start another day.

Have a good one, everyone.


Friday, March 16, 2018


Did you see the snow today?  When I went out to pick up Kathy to go to our Crafters meeting it was coming down fast and furious.  I had to turn on the windshield wipers because it was laying on the car so thickly.  And then as I was driving, suddenly it was gone and the sun was out.  Thank goodness it was a short storm.  I have had enough snow for this winter.  And now I hear another storm is coming next Tuesday and Wednesday.  *sigh*

Last night Joe and I went to Haru Sushi and Habachi Restaurant.  We met up with Rich who Joe went to high school with.  What a fun time we had.  I had never met Rich before but we hit it off great.  We sat and talked and ate and talked for about 2 1/2 hours.  All three of us like Japanese food so it was perfect for us.  And best of all my new camera came and I was able to take pictures!  I told Rich I would just take a picture of his beautiful plate and he said, "No, take me too.  You can use it in your blog."  How nice!

Rich got a sushi and sashimi platter.  When it came out I gasped, it was so beautiful.  We were all impressed.

Joe had vegetable yakitori.  He said it was wonderful, the best he ever had.  He said it was even better than what he had when he was stationed in Japan.

And I had what they called Sunshine Rolls.  It was a vegan sushi:  sweet potato and avocado wrapped in rice and nori and topped with a mango slice and a sweet mango sauce.  So good!

This was my view throughout the evening.  I watched the guys behind the hibachi bar making the dishes they were serving.  The lights around the name and under the bar kept changing colors:  red, light blue, green, yellow, purple, dark blue.

Joe and I discovered this place a few weeks ago when I was coming back from a doctor's appointment.  We tried it and were not disappointed.  They are a little pricy, but not so much that we wouldn't go once a month or so.

On the way out there was a basket with what I thought were mints.  Joe picked up a couple and put them in his pocket.  But they weren't mints.  They are some kind of citrus candy.  I haven't eaten mine yet but Joe's is gone.

I am so glad to have a camera again so that I can show you my life.  Also, this new camera has all kinds of special effects that I want to try out.  I can't wait to show you.

Have a good night, everyone!