Daisypath - Anniversary

Sunday, October 4, 2015


I've fought off the germs for so long.  Despite those around me succumbing.  But...  yesterday it started with a scratchy throat, but I still went to work.  When I came home it was worse and the fever started.  Now it's full blown.  I have slept most of the day.  The cough comes now and then and the stuffy nose when I lay down.

There was no going to church for me today.  It is the first Sunday I have missed all year.  I hate missing church.

I really needed to go food shopping this weekend, but didn't get there.  I am going to try to make dinner though.  I think if I take it easy I can do it.  And I still have so much cleaning to do tonight.  Little by little with a lot of naps in between.

Until tomorrow...

63 days to retirement

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Where oh where is this year going?  I thought the summer lasted a long time and I was so happy.  But September just flew by.  And the weeks seem to be here and gone.  Before you know it I will be retired.  I will miss working.  I will miss the camaraderie.  But I certainly will not miss the problem people I have to deal with each day.  Thank goodness there are tons of wonderful people to balance them out.

One of our customers made us cupcakes the other day.  They were strawberry with a cream cheese frosting and she called them strawberry shortcake cupcakes.  They were amazingly good.  It gave me the idea of making this same thing for church one week.  Yum!  I try to make season appropriate treats for church so right now I am into apples and pumpkins.  But in the spring I will make these and put a strawberry on top.  I think they will be so cute.

Joe and I have to get our birth certificates.  We are sending off for them this coming week.  I need them to get my pension and my Social Security benefits.  It sounds so weird to say I'm applying for Social Security.

I was not feeling good on Thursday and called out sick.  But there weren't enough people that showed up, so I bit the bullet and went in late.  Oh well.

My co-worker, Bob, wanted to buy a new camera and liked mine a lot.  He wanted to know how easy it was to use, so I let him use mine to take a picture.  And he took a picture of me!  So here I am in my natural habitat with the usual boxes of books to unpack piled up on my desk.

Ocean City, New Jersey has been getting hit with this latest hurricane.  Here is a picture of the Fifth Street beach from Thursday.  I'm very familiar with this part of the beach.  It is so scary to see this.
Fifth Street Beach 

I am working today, so I had Friday off.  I was so tired I just could not wake up.  I slept until almost 11:00 a.m.  I never sleep like that.  But at least my afternoon was productive.  I got a load of wash done, a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and cleaned up the corner by the living room door where we have a habit of just dropping things because it's convenient.  There is LOTS more cleaning to do as anyone who has seen my house can tell you, but like I said before I'm doing it in little steps.  That seems to be all I can do these days but I feel that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Here is my cleaned off table.  I put out another pumpkin and have an apple scented candle burning.  I had to blow it out, though, because Snowy wanted to investigate the flame and I could just see her setting herself on fire.

I got this pumpkin in Lancaster and it says "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow."  I love it.

Tonight Joe will be preaching again at Saturday night service.  I think he gets better each week as he gets more comfortable with it.  I'll give you the link for his second message when I post it.  He had 29 people view his first message.  We never expected that so thank you so much for watching it.

This will be a tough day with working and getting to church on time and trying to fit dinner in there somewhere.  To top it off I've been fighting a sore throat all day.  I have a doctor's appointment for Friday, so if I still have it by then I will ask her for some medication.  But hopefully it will be all gone by then.

Today is my goddaughter, Emi's, birthday.  She turns 27 and it seems like yesterday she was born.  Here she is with her mom, my friend, Martha.  This is her first birthday as a married lady.  How did she get old enough to be married?


I have to get some more sleep, but I'll be back tomorrow.  Until then...


64 days until I retire.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Another post from my friend, Marianne.

April 8

Bittersweet trip down Memory Lane for me today. I was eating my lunch in our work kitchen when a guard who works in another region but was assigned to us today walked in. He saw me and said, "Well hello, Marianne! I remember you from Fox Chase. That was the branch I was sent to for training when I was hired and you were the Children's Librarian. You had that long thick hair. You were the first Children's Librarian I ever met. I always remember how everyone loved you over there. Short hair looks good, too, and I bet they love you here." Very kind words. Yes, I had that long thick hair. In 2006, I think, I went to my sister's salon and had the owner cut it. She kept asking me if I was still okay with it. I told her it was time for a change. All of the women in the shop gathered around to watch as my hair fell to the floor. They were gasping, telling me how brave I was. The owner said it was time to get rid of the head bands and thick barrettes that held my hair back. She also said my hair would be used to make a wig for someone who needed it. The result was transformative! Sometimes I do miss the way my hair shone with its chestnut brown color in the sunlight, its waves, its thickness. The thyroid problem has altered all of that. And yes, it is time for a change once again! Not sure what!