Thursday, December 8, 2016


I knew I had to get it done sooner or later.  So after helping Carole clean the church this morning I took myself off to Target to finish the Christmas shopping.  Or at least make a big dent in it.

Well, I still have a few more gifts to get and I have to fill some stockings, but I did a lot. (And some things for me too.)  Want to see the haul?  Of course you do.   But I'm not showing the gifts for people who read this blog.  They will just have to wait.

 Everywhere I look people have these red trucks with a Christmas tree in the back.  They seem to be everywhere this season.  This cute dishtowel came with a hot pad too.  I'm keeping it.  And I got a teddy bear nutcracker.  Joe and I love teddy bears.  We even had them on the top of our wedding cake.  This is for us too.  You will see it in my decorating.

 Here's a closer look at the bear.  Isn't he cute?

 I love popcorn and make it quite often.  I loved these bowls.

 I was looking for green garland and couldn't find any.  But I found these holly berries.  I wanted to make a couple of wreathes for the kitchen windows,  I also found these oh so cute travel pack facial tissues and the last of the square plaid plates I've been collecting.  Now I have them all.
 A container of Christmas basil seeds and a little evergreen tree.  You'll see this in my decorating too.
 I've never heard of Christmas basil.  I use basil a lot in my cooking.  It will be interesting to grow it.
 Isn't this pie plate pretty?  I'm already planing what I'm going to bake in it.
 A couple pair of socks, little ornaments for the tree, some gold and red ribbon, and a gold journal that I'm going to put some pictures into.

 I got all of my Christmas cards.  I was surprised to find they had Dayspring Cards there.

 I love the "Joy" sign.  You will see me use that soon also.  And the little Sugar Paper ornaments are for the center of the wreaths I'm going to make.  The jar is a gift for a friend.  I think I'll put peppermints in it.

It looks as if I bought everything for myself, but like I said, I'm not showing you the gifts because they are a surprise for others.

When I went to do the wreaths for the windows, I had quite a bit of difficulty.  They just wouldn't go the way I wanted them to.  And when I tried to cut the wire, it was hard to do.  I thought, why not just drape the garland across the windows like a swag and attach the ornaments to it.  So I did.  I think it turned out beautiful.

 Early this morning I got around to decorating the front window.  It isn't the best I've done, but I think it turned out OK.

The Hallmark Christmas movies I have to share with you today are:

Hitched for the Holidays (2012).  So funny.
Both Rob Marino and Julie Green are feeling pressure to be in a relationship this holiday season and, after finding each other through a dating website, agree to pose as each other’s special someone. Things get complicated when Rob’s Catholic family and Julie’s Jewish family get involved to help these two make it to the altar. As they double their efforts to keep the charade going through New Year’s Eve, Rob and Julie are more than a little surprised when they discover they’re actually falling in love. Stars Joey Lawrence and Marilu Henner. 

Snow Bride (2013).
When a reporter encounters the eldest son of a famous political family in the mountain retreat, she winds up pretending to be his girlfriend over Christmas so he can save face with his family – but then is confronted with a dilemma – does she secretly expose newsworthy scoops about the famous family in order to save her job or trust that she's falling love for real? Stars Patricia Richardson, Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi.

Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015). One of my favorites.
This Christmas, a young woman down on her luck is roped into an ice-sculpture contest with a wealthy partner who has no idea what he's doing. As she teaches him how to sculpt, he helps her see that she has the talent to fulfill her dreams. Stars Rachel Boston, David Alpay and Brenda Strong.

That's all for now.  I have more to share but it will have to be another day.  I am beat and falling asleep.  So until tomorrow...


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  1. LOVE the swag! I think it may have turned out to be a better idea. So many cute things,you've got an eye for cool decorating ideas. Can't wait to see them in future photos!
    Bundle up! Temps are dropping!

    1. I am doing some decorating every day. Christmas is coming fast! Thanks for the compliment. I like decorating.

  2. Oh how I love Target hauls! Marvelous things today Kathy! I adore your little berry garland along with cafe curtains! Precious! Looks like you are feeling better! Glad to see that!

    1. I'm tired, but feeling better. Thanks, Betsy! I love Target hauls too.

  3. I like when a plan goes wrong and plane B is better then A. Your kitchen curtains are great!

    1. I like it better too. Although the wreaths would have been cute.

  4. I wish I had a Target store close by...they have such cute things! Love that red truck towel. And your windows look beautiful! Hugs!

  5. The swag looks fabulous!! What a great idea you had! Love, love, love it. Isn't it fun when you go shopping and find things for yourself?! The most fun of all, I think! It's unexpected, because you are shopping for others and those special little things just keep popping out and jumping in your cart! LOL Fun post!

  6. I love to shop at Christmas time as there's so many pretty items. World Market is a fun place to be as well. I went there Saturday and had the grandkids and my daughter with me. Hard to not buy them something. I bought them an old style pinball game with star wars theme. They enjoyed it! I'm done with shopping so now I need to get the gifts wrapped.

  7. You've really been a Busy Bee, buzzing around all the seasonal goodies at TAR-zzzhay. And what a trove of happies you found!

    The berry swags are simply charming, and prettier than a wreath would be on those curtains, I think.

    I've never liked to shop, except FOR someone else, especially the GRANDS, but most of our shopping is sitting stacked, still in the AMAZON boxes, up in the living room. I'm sure I'll open to find things I've forgotten that I ordered. (that's at least better than finding things in AUGUST that you put away for Christmas).

    Our little "family shopping" day will be next Sunday---we'll go to a movie, then to a Christmas lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, then to BIG LOTS---that's our old friend for stocking stuff and little extras.

    Stay warm and well, Faraway Friend---we woke to the soft, quiet hush of snow on the lawn this morning.


  8. I like Target, too. One of the hazards of actually shopping is finding things for ourselves. =D


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