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Learning a new language can be difficult.  Even if it's already your native language!  See what my friend Marianne has to say.
August 11
My volunteers came in today and told me how much they enjoyed the Volunteer Party/Dinner at the Parkway Central Library Saturday Night. They said they were very sorry I couldn't go and that they missed me and how I would navigate the buffet area to tell them what to select. I was glad they went but also very sad that I couldn't attend because I was sick. Jake proceeded to tell me what was served. After he described everything, he realized he had forgotten an item. 

"Ms. B, they also had salami." 


"Yeah, Ms. B, salami." 

"Jake, that's very unusual to serve at a buffet dinner. Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, Ms. B, I'm sure. Funny thing, though, it tasted like fish." 

"Jake, did you ever have salami?" 

"No, Ms. B." 

"Well, Jake, it doesn't taste like fish." 

"Honest, Ms. B, it tasted like fish!" 

"Jake, if it tasted like fish and it was salami, then it had to be very bad salami and you would have gotten very sick and you would probably be in the hospital right now!" 

"Ms. B, it WAS salami!" 

"Okay, Jake, but I think you are mistaken." 

Later, other volunteers came in to tell me about the party. When I asked about the salami, they said, "Ms. B, there was no salami." 

"But Jake said he had salami that tasted like fish." 

"Oh! Ms. B, that was the broiled salmon!"

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  1. Cute story and I can sure understand how it could be misunderstood!! Sorry you had to miss the party!


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