Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope I can do this right because I've never blogged before.  But so much is going on with me right now that I just want to have a space where everyone can keep up with me and I don't have to repeat myself over and over.  Thanks for reading!

As most of you know, I have been having problems with my hiatal hernia since the end of June.  I haven't been able to eat a whole meal in months.  Lots of pain.  Lots of getting sick for 5-6 hours.  Lots of weight loss (15 pounds so far).  Hey, I needed to lose weight, but this wasn't the way I wanted to do it.  The upper GI test showed that 60% of my stomach is laying on my lungs and crowding out my heart.  Could this be why I have trouble breathing?  Hmmm.

So, anyway, after months of doctor visits and testing I have found a surgeon (Dr. C) who will do laproscopic surgery on me.  She is at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, a really good place.  She seems very competent and has done hundreds of these surgeries before, so I feel very confident with her.

The surgery is set for November 29th, the Monday after Thanksgiving.  So at least I will be able to have Thanksgiving with my sister, brother and his family, some friends and Joe.  Won't be able to eat, but I'll be with my support system and this is good.  Everyone needs a support system.

Time to get ready for work, so more next time.  Let's see how this works.  Please post a comment and let me know that you are reading this.  Thanks.  Love to everyone.  Kathy


  1. I am sorry that you are having so many problems, but glad you know what is causing your loss of weight. Finding a good doctor is important and it sounds like you have found a good one to do your surgery. We will be praying for you and for the doctor. Keep us informed as the day draws near to surgery. God bless!

  2. oookkk, I was wondering why you had surgery. It took me going all the way to the beginning of your blog. Wow, I can understand why you were afraid. I know we must give it all to God..but I also know that sometimes it just ain't always so easy. Look how far you have come. I hope all is going well now, and you continue to get stronger every day. I have enjoyed your blog so far and I will continue to visit you on your blog! :)


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