Friday, October 29, 2010

Of gas pumps and black cats

Got going for work today.  Forgot the nice cup of tea I made to take with  me.  It was my favorite, Constant Comment.  Oh well.  Had to get gas.  First pump didn't work.  Second pump I couldn't figure out  how to use it.  There was an accident on the road I had to use.  Lots of police cars.  S-L-O-W going.  Time is ticking away and I really should be in work by now.  Finally get there and can't find parking.  I go around the block, down a little side street and park in front of someone's house, hoping they are at work.  A dog starts barking and growling at me when I get  out of the car and a black cat runs right across my path.  So begins another day in my life.


  1. It can only get better.

  2. O HAPPY DAY! I am back to your wonderful blog! I hope that this time I can post comment.


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