Friday, February 1, 2019


Welcome to February!  The long cold January is a thing of the past.  I hope February treats us better.  It began with a temperature of 6*F (-14*C).  Joe asked me to drive him to pick up some packages.  When we went out it was snowing.  And it snowed all day.  A nice light snow, but it accumulated about one inch.  So much better than so many places in the U.S. and Canada.  

I was bundled up and in the car and still felt as if I wasn't wearing anything.  The cold went right through all my clothing.  Even though I was wearing thick thermal gloves, when I got into the house and pulled them off my hands were freezing cold.

We had a snow squall the other day and I took a picture of that.  It went from clear to white out conditions in a matter of minutes.  So glad I wasn't driving and so sad my sister was.

But now the worst of it is over.  It is going up to 38*F (3*C) tomorrow and by next Tuesday it is predicted to be 61*F (16*C).  It's crazy weather for sure!

I had fried flounder, tater tots and salad for dinner tonight.  It was really good.

And now I have to go finish the dishes and do a few more things before I go to bed.  I'm really tired.  I think the cold takes a lot out of a person.  Hope you all have a good night.



  1. That weather was something else! I had to go to the bank & waiting for the bus was no joke.It is my turn to bring a treat for church Fellowship & I was able to pick something up at Wawa which was by the bus stop! Can't wait for the warm up!

  2. I am so over winter and so ready for some sunshine and warmer temps. Just try to stay as warm as possible until that day.

  3. Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?

  4. It was bitter cold early this week here in Nashua, NH too. We will be getting a warm up and crazy temos in the 50s by Tuesday.

  5. We've had warm days. Now its chilly today and maybe snow in a.m. Snow predicted next weekend as well. Took a nap today as I didn't sleep well last night. Shouldn't have drank oolong tea as I'd had caffeine tea earlier that day. But wanted something besides water on my way home with to go tortilla from Trader Joes. Cold and cloudy days make me tired too. Have a good week!


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