Thursday, December 15, 2016


Everyone makes mistakes.  Fortunately my friend Marianne is there to straighten things out.

September 5
Funny story for the day! An Albanian woman who only deals with me came in this afternoon with her sons and a problem. The boy had wanted Minecraft For Dummies and had placed his own hold using the public catalog PC. He hadn't realized at the time that the pickup location had to be Northeast Regional instead of the Central Library. He didn't understand why his book was waiting for him there. Mom asked me to look into it. We didn't know that he had placed his own hold. When I looked up the record I clarified the title. 

"It's Minecraft For Dummies, right?" 

"No! No! No!" 


"NO! We are not dummies!" 

I replied, "Of course, you're not dummies. Why would you think that?" 

"You said 'Dummies', right?" 

"No, I said the book is Minecraft for Dummies. I would never call you dummies!" 

The woman burst out laughing and asked if we could begin again. When she found out her son made the mistake, she said, "Now THAT one is the dummy, no?" LOL

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  1. LOL - I'm glad you all got a good laugh out of that misunderstanding, which could have gone an entirely different way! Good for yoU!

  2. THAT is hysterical!!! Oh- the words we speak and what others actually hear- amazing sometimes. xo Diana

  3. It's a wonder how people ever learn English. Glad that it all got resolved. What happened here today? You've been redecorating!

  4. I am glad I know English. I doubt I could ever learn it. I agree with NanaDiana,we don't always speak what we hear & vice versa. Love the story!


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