Sunday, September 25, 2016


I wore my Tennessee sweater to church for the first time this season.  I needed it too.  It has gotten cooler this past week.  I think Summer has really left us.  I just looked at the 10 day weather forecast and it isn't getting out of the 70s for the foreseeable future.  I just loved my Summer this year even if I didn't get to the shore.  Again.  I am determined to go next year.  It's been two summers now that I haven't gotten there.

I was thinking that today should have been the Autumnal Equinox.  It is exactly 12 hours of daylight today.  Funny how that works.  Now the sad thing is that we will have less and less daylight for the next three months.  I am going to try to soak up as much daylight as I can so that my SAD isn't so bad this year.  I noticed that after I retired and was able to sit at my kitchen table in the daylight and in my yard in the sunshine that I did better.  Even though there was sunlight in the library, it just wasn't the same as sitting outside in the sun.

Joe wasn't able to get to church today.  His neck and back are bothering him.  Just as mine gets better, his gets worse.  At least we aren't bad at the same time.  That would be awful!

Another busy week is coming up.  I have something going on every day except Thursday.  Hopefully I will have enough energy to get a lot done around the house that day.

To end off tonight I thought I'd show you another "Picture From the Past".  This was taken September 2011 at Cracker Barrel.  It's so cute.  Just ignore the date on the picture.  I had it set wrong.

I have things to do before I go to bed, so I'm going to end.  Have a good evening everyone.


Sunrise:  6:51 a.m.
Sunset:  6:51 p.m.
12 hours of daylight
Temperature:  72*/57*


  1. Glad you are having some fall!! We should be getting some this week too!
    Tell Joe we hope he feels better soon! Pace yourself, Kathy!

  2. Glad you are getting cool weather! Nice pumpkins ♥

  3. First, before I forget, your comment at my place about never being on time with the camera is true for me as well. With my wonky back, I am feeling empathetic toward your husband. Neck and back pain=no fun at all. You are the first I know in Blogdom who is happy with the summer just past. I think any season is good for visiting the ocean, especailly where there is surf and one gets to listen to the crash of those waves! Have a fun, if busy, week!

  4. Hi Kathy! I think Fall is officially here too as it was in the 50s this morning. I love it. Sorry to hear your husband is ailing. Prayers he'll be feeling better soon. Thanks for popping in to see me and have a wonderful week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I am loving this cooler weather. Today I threw open the windows to let in the cool air. Ahhhh! It was great. I enjoyed all your fall pictures. Hope they get your street done soon. That can be a real bummer. I am hurrying by today because I am getting company much to do. Have a great week!

  6. LOVE September! We too are cooling down and I get more hours outside since it's not over 110. We have a different kid of fall, it doesn't happen till winter. I wish the leaves would turn and fall sooner but that just means more work, so I'll be patient. The ocean draws me too. Fortunate to get my visit in this year.


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