Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Isn't that the truth?  Winter seems to hang on and on.  And to top it off, it's my least favorite season.  I am not a fan of ice, snow and bitter cold.  My whole body hurts so badly all winter.  But, it all works out because summer is so lovely.

We had a great Bible study today.  We finished up the book of Philippians.  It has been an awesome study.  I think I will teach it again someday.  Next we are going to study the seven churches of Revelation before breaking for the winter months.  It's just too hard to have the study during the holidays and the cold weather.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that last year I watched a movie a day between Halloween and Christmas to celebrate the holiday season (and because it was the only way I could get in all the movies I wanted to see).  I am starting now in September watching just one or two a week.  This is the first one that I watched.  It's part of the Heart of Fall series on the Hallmark Channel.

The Sweeter Side of Life
2013 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 1h 30m
Dumped by her husband, a woman takes a job at her father's bakery.
Initial release: July 11, 2013 (France)
Cast:  Kathryn Morris, Alastair Mackenzie, Steve Varnom
 Image result 
I loved this movie.  It was sweet but with some tense moments.  Of course like most Hallmark movies the end was predictable, but I would still watch it again.  I guess because I like shows about cooking or baking.

That's it for now.  I've got to get to Shop Rite and get a rotisserie chicken for dinner while they are still $3.99 each.  Can't beat that!

See you all later.



  1. Looks like a movie I would enjoy seeing, anything to do with bakeries.....*giggle*.
    Fall is my favorite season also, I love the cooler temps after the long hot summers.

    1. Oh, I love bakery movies too. You would like this one, Jo.

  2. Kathy, I absolutely love the peanuts cartoon...they are my daughters' favorite cartoons. Remember when they came on TV for special holidays...my girls would cry when they were over. LOL. Honey, I truly agree with you about winter being my least favorite also. Christmas is what makes it ok. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I love buying rotisserie chickens...you can make so much with one .

    1. I love Peanuts too. I guess you can tell because I have it on my page so much. I still watch all the specials.

      You have a point with winter being saved by Christmas.

  3. I love Hallmark movies....several of my kids snicker at that :) they prefer stuff that's WAY too tense for me!
    Winter is my least favorite season too. I dread it. I wish I would never need to go out in bad weather but I'm transportation for two daughters for their jobs....I don't have a choice. Sigh. I'm praying for a really mild winter. We are due one of those, don't you think?? :)

    1. Oh me too, Doris. I do not like intense movies. And you know the ones I mean.

      I think we should have a mild winter too. Last winter was pretty good.

  4. I empathize with your dislike of winter. However I am a winter lover. While I do not like ice,I am ok with snow.My gripe with summer is,what can I take off? In winter I can put on fleece,thermal wear etc.I understand about the movie. There are a few I watch every time they're on. carpe diem!

    1. I can never get warm enough. In summer I have air conditioning.

  5. That is a very cute cartoon. I remember seeing the Sweeter Side of Life. It must have been last year. I should watch it again because I only faintly remember parts of it.


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