Thursday, September 8, 2016


My friend Marianne not only meets kids from around the world, but other family members too.
June 6
An Albanian family came in today for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. The little girl wanted to read them so much. While I talked with the girl and her mom, the grandmother spoke in Albanian to her daughter, telling her to ask about my hair. The girl's mother said that her mother loved my hair and that she did too. She asked me what color it had originally been, black or brown. I think what confused them is that my eyebrows are black. I told her I had never dyed it-the two of them had dyed hair- and that my hair color before the gray appeared was a very dark chestnut brown, chestnut, because in the sun you could see the red highlights in it. and it was very thick too. Both women loved the style, the natural waves, the layering of it, and the way the gray blended in nicely. They talked for 10 minutes about my hair, and how they wished theirs would look as nice. Funny, almost every day, someone asks me why I don't dye my hair. Today, these women praised it!


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  1. I'm glad that you received a compliment! I am starting to get a bit of gray & my husband says it's sexy. (Love him for that!) As long as you are happy with it,doesn't matter. Enjoy!


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