Saturday, September 10, 2016


Or is it a little bit of both?  That seems to be the case here.  We are on our 7th heat wave.  Today is supposed to be the hottest -- 97*F (36*C) with a heat index of 107*F (42*C).  A little warm do you think?  And of course this is the day that our new pastor is moving into the parsonage.  I do not envy them.  At least there will be a lot of people from church to help them.

I won't be one of them.  On Thursday I took Joe to the V.A. Hospital for a routine test.  (It turned out good!)  There was a lot of walking and sitting.  I usually put my feet up for a little bit of the day to keep the swelling down but of course I couldn't do that in the hospital.  I had my cane with me to help me walk because we were all over the place.  We were able to take our lunch into a conference room and eat there in the cool and quiet.  That was nice.  I had a container of vanilla yogurt and the best and sweetest dish of cantaloupe that I think I have had all summer.  It was good and I was sorry I hadn't gotten two dishes of it.

We were there for 4 1/2 hours.  After we left we went to Rite Aid to get some cat litter.  Snowy goes through cat litter like there's no tomorrow.  While I was walking through the store I started getting severe pains in my legs.  So I put them up as soon as I got home and in an hour I was feeling so much better.  I think I may be getting old.

One of the things I got at Rite Aid is this cute little container for my muffins.  I have been making muffins for breakfast for Joe and me.  This week I made lemon poppyseed muffins.  I wanted a container to put them in but didn't have one the right size.  This was perfect.  It holds six easily and eight if you squeeze.  Usually my mix packages make six to eight so it's just the right size.  I love the little flowers on the top and the fact that it's a snap close so it's easy for Joe to take the lid on and off even if his hands are shaking.

Yesterday while I was eating breakfast I looked out the window and saw the beautiful morning glories.  I like morning glories, I just don't like that they choke out my other flowers.  But they were so pretty I had to take a couple of pictures through the window to show you.

I've begun to decorate for the fall a little.  But just a little.  Just as the seasons change slowly, I decorate slowly.  Here's what I have done so far.

I changed out the flowers in the front walk pot to mums.

I still have my August summertime flag up.  That will change next week.

Mums in the hanging baskets

A little scarecrow in the pot with the geraniums.  I hope they bloom one more time before it gets cold.
 Yesterday morning I went to get my hair cut.  I always go to the same person.  Deb knows just how I like my hair.  I've been going to her for years now.  I find if I get it cut every three months it is just perfect.

Here's a before shot:

And here's the after:

I think it is so cute and I am very happy with it.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get used to a new cut, but not this time.

When I was done I went across the street to Rite Aid and picked up a bunch of cute things:  a pumpkin wreath for the front door, little boxes of tissues in autumn boxes for the car, a new spoon rest for the stove in the shape of a pumpkin (I broke my usual one).  I will show you as I go along.

I left Rite Aid and headed for the bank.  I have once again lost my ATM card.  I used it on Monday to pay for dinner and haven't seen it since.  I thought it was just lost in the cavern I call a purse, but I switched purses, taking everything out of the old one, and it wasn't there.  I called the restaurant and they didn't have it.  I checked at Rite Aid to see if I had dropped it in there, but no luck.  I have searched the house, the car, pants pockets, etc. with no luck.  So rather than go through the internet, I went right to the bank.  And I am so glad I did.  They gave me a replacement card within minutes -- activated and ready to go.  I was even able to withdraw money for the week from my account.  I was so impressed.  I thought I would have to be without for a couple of weeks.  I love my bank.  You know that now that I have a new card the old one will show up.  Always happens.

So now it's on to a new day.  Well, after I get a couple of hours more of sleep.  I've been on a roll with my energy for the past couple of days and hope I can keep it up today and really get some things done.  Have a good day everyone.


Sunrise:  6:37 a.m.
Sunset:  7:16 p.m. 
12 hours and 39 minutes of daylight


  1. I like your fall decor! I think the fact you're doing it slowly matches the weather. I'm ready to celebrate as Thursday/Friday it's supposed to be in the 70's. YES! Now we're talking fall.

    1. I think we will all be happy to see the 70s. Especially after the hot summer we have had. I'm most comfortable in the low 80s, high 70s. Still not fall for another two weeks so I'm going to enjoy my summer.

  2. Your haircut looks great! It is so nice when it is just right, isn't it? I usually have a two-week period after a haircut until my hair gets just the way I like it. Glad to hear Joe's tests had good results.

    1. I'm like that with my hair too. This time it was just right. I hope that happens when I get it cut again. Isn't it great to have a hair stylist who listens to you?

  3. Hi Kathy, Sorry to read that you guys wee at the hospital so long. That just wears a person out. Hope you and Joe are feeling fine this morning. I love your new hair-do. It's very nice. The morning glories are pretty but invasive as you said. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Oh, Susie you are so right. I just wanted to take a nap in that waiting room while Joe was in for his test. And Joe did fall asleep for a few minutes at lunch time. I am feeling great this morning. I hope this energy spurt I've been having lasts.

  4. WOW! You are having a heat wave there for sure! I am like you this year- dragging out bringing out my fall stuff. With all that was going on here I feel like I have missed summer almost completely.
    I like your new hair cut- it lays nice. When my hair is that short I look like I have a brillo pad on my head as it all scrunches up and curls and puffs out. lol I need the length to make it relax a bit.
    Glad you got a new pastor but what an awful day to move.
    It seems like you have a decent VA center there. I know there is a lot of controversy over them but the one I am at is a fantastic one and I am lucky to be part of it.
    Have a great night and Sunday- xo Diana

    1. I did not go to help the pastor move, but from what I hear the heat was brutal.

      Thanks, I like the haircut too. My hair is so straight that I don't have the problem you do with short hair. Joe's hair is very curly so when his hair gets a little long, it all curls up. I think it's cute, but he always gets it cut.


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