Friday, September 11, 2015


Hard to believe it's been fourteen years since that awful day.

I think everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the planes hit.  My sister and I were on vacation in Mystic, CT and were going to head for home -- through New York City.  I told the story before HERE so if you are interested, please go there and read it.  It was a NIGHTMARE to be trying to get home and reading signs along the highway that said "NYC closed".

I really think this should be a holiday where people can reflect on things.  Unfortunately, being as we are, we would just make it another day to have a sale or a picnic.  Perhaps it's better this way.

Today was supposed to be my last day of work before my vacation.  However, we are getting four or five new people at work and three of them I am supposed to train.  So I agreed to come in to meet them and show them around.  It's OK though because when I got my pay stub today I saw that I have only 3 vacation days left.  Oops!  So I will get a doctor's note on Tuesday and take a sick day and then take the rest of the week as vacation.  Except maybe Friday because I have a meeting I really should go to so I may go in for that.  We'll see.

Tomorrow we are restarting Saturday evening service at church.  Joe will be preaching on Saturdays and Rich will be preaching on Sundays until we get a new pastor.  I am hoping to go over to church in the afternoon to set up the mics, camera, etc. and to time the length of the message so that I can get it all recorded.  I'm so concerned with getting everything to work right since this is the first time I am doing it by myself.  Joe calls me a "tech" girl but I'm really not.  I just know more about it than he does.

I was going to have him go over his message tonight so I could time it, but I fell asleep after work and woke up at 10 p.m.  I haven't even had dinner yet.  That's not good since I didn't have lunch today either because we were so busy.  Joe ate without me.  He didn't want to wake me up because I was so tired.  So when I get off of here, I will get something to eat and go back to bed.

I'm going to end with another picture for you.  Never forget.  When you wonder why people are fighting in the middle east -- remember.

Tonight in New York City


  1. We should never forget. I was at the airport! How frightened we all were.I think it was sweet of Joe to say that. it reflects the confidence he has in you & your ability.Hope the new people at the library work out. I'm praying for your church's ministry & a new pastor.

  2. I also remember that terrible day. I was hoping yesterday (Friday) was your last day before vacation, but you are very dependable and needed to help at work. They will miss you when you retire for sure.

  3. Kathy, Good photos. I remember it and it still hurts and makes me so angry. Have to pray for this country all of the time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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